EU to discuss blacklist of tax havens after Paradise Papers leak

Source: Reuters

“European Union finance ministers will on Tuesday discuss setting up a blacklist of worldwide tax havens, EU officials said, after leaked documents from an offshore law firm exposed new high-profile cases of tax avoidance. The decision to include the subject in the monthly meeting’s agenda came after the publication over the weekend in several media of the so-called Paradise Papers, a trove of leaked financial documents mostly from law firm Appleby that exposed dealings with tax havens by top public figures. … There are no details yet of the type of sanctions to be discussed, although being on the blacklist in itself could discourage individuals and companies from putting money in those jurisdictions.” [editor’s note: How about a blacklist of governments that think not only that your money is theirs, but that that remains the case if you take it outside their vaunted “borders?” – TLK] (11/06/17)