IRS’s Koskinen to enforce ObamaCare’s employer mandate during final days

Source: Fox News

“IRS commissioner John Koskinen’s last day on the job is Thursday, but he appears to have decided to bestow one final gift on the business community on his way out. This year, the IRS will strictly enforce the ObamaCare employer mandate for the first time since its inception, the agency confirmed to The Wall Street Journal Opens a New Window. on Tuesday, suddenly handing out penalties to companies with 50 employees or more that fail to provide affordable insurance to full-time employees and dependents. The letters also date back to 2015, which mean companies could be on the hook for years’ worth of financial consequences. The IRS was supposed to begin enforcing the mandate in 2014, but instead issued the guidance last week. The move comes months after Republicans failed to pass multiple bills to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and the highly unpopular employer requirement. The IRS did not immediately return FOX Business’ request for comment.” [editor’s notes: I wonder how many have been just ignoring this – SAT] (11/08/17)