Catalonia: Strike severs road links; Spanish court claims to have “annulled” declaration of independence

Source: Reuters

“A general strike called by pro-independence campaigners in Catalonia closed shops and severed transport links on Wednesday, as the region’s deposed leader lost political momentum after failing to seal an electoral pact with another party. … Reuters saw hundreds of strikers gathered in Barcelona’s main Sant Jaume square to protest the imprisonment of politicians, chanting the name of ex [sic]-leader Carles Puigdemont and referring to him as ‘our president.’ But he faces an uphill task to maintain influence after he missed a deadline of midnight on Tuesday to agree a pro-secessionist pact for a regional election with his former [sic] vice president Oriol Junqueras. The central government in Madrid called the election for Dec. 21 after last month assuming control of Catalonia following its parliament’s unilateral independence declaration. Spain’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday officially [claimed to have] annulled the declaration, which it had [claimed to have] suspended, a widely expected ruling.” (11/08/17)