Did Bitcoin supporters just get played?

Source: The Anarchist Shemale
by Aria DiMezzo

“I think they did, and I think that it’s entirely possible — even probable — that Shrem and other Segwit2x supporters did it knowingly and intentionally as a way of driving up the value of Bitcoin, selling off, making their announcement, and shifting into Bitcoin Cash, which has already solved the problems that Segwit2x was supposed to partially address. So let me give you the rundown of what I’m thinking.” [editor’s note: Some of the big players were willing to support Segwit as long as they got 2x as well. When other players started reneging on the 2x part of the Segwit2x agreement, it was only natural that those who had supported the first part only if the second part came with it would defect to Bitcoin Cash – TLK] (11/11/17)