The Lebanon crisis: Who emboldened the Saudis?

Source: spiked
by Tim Black

“As one commentator put it, all Middle Eastern conflicts ‘are all part of the same machinations — a great strategic power play between two regional heavyweights that has suddenly shifted from back rooms to potent realisation.’ And yet while it’s true that Iran-Saudi rivalry is inflaming conflict throughout the Middle East, there is also too much focus on the role played by these ‘two regional heavyweights.’ It’s a focus that excludes the role played by the West, especially the US, in the destabilising dynamics now ripping apart the region; a focus that ignores the extent to which the US and its allies are encouraging Saudi Arabia, emboldening it in its conflict with Iran; a focus that leaves unexamined the creation of the conditions in which the long-standing Saudi-Iranian rivalry could develop such an explosive trajectory.” (11/14/17)