It’s different when it’s our guy

Source: Town Hall
by Derek Hunter

“Growing up in Detroit, I was a huge hockey fan. After a long stretch of awful teams, the Red Wings got good, eventually leading to a string of Stanley Cup championships. It was a glorious time to be a Wings fan. In that time there were certain players who annoyed the hell out of me, all of whom played for other teams. Few bothered me more than Chris Chelios …. Chris Chelios was traded to the Red Wings. Suddenly, though not unexpectedly, my hatred for Chelios switched to full-blown fandom. All the animosity I’d carried for years was not only gone, it was forgotten. He was my guy now. This is common among sports fans; their star, hack, goon, utility infielder, quarterback, whatever, is their guy, and their guy can do no wrong, no matter how wrong their guy may be in any given circumstance. This phenomenon was a small part of politics in the Clinton years. Now it has fully taken over both parties. If you’re in someone’s ‘tribe,’ they can do no wrong.” (11/19/17)