Thanksgiving is NOT the time for political debates

Source: Fox News Forum
by Mitzi Perdue

“Thanksgiving should be a time to reconnect with our families and traditions. But this year may be more difficult than usual. After a politically fraught year, you and all the members of your extended family might not (and this is likely an understatement) be seeing eye-to-eye politically. There’s a practical answer to this problem, and it’s one that I’ve seen work over and over again during my life and much of my career observing and studying families. One pattern that repeatedly emerges is that healthy, high-functioning families focus on what unites them, as opposed to picking at what divides them. There’s some good psychological underpinning for this approach: arguing over politics usually doesn’t do any good. As Nobel Prize-winning behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman points out, the chance of you being able to change someone’s mind on a deeply held political view is close to zero.” (11/21/17)