Time to shut it down

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Laurence M Vance

“The specter of a government shutdown is looming once again, since funding of the federal government expires on Friday, December 8. But in a recent appearance on Fox News Sunday, Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), the third-ranking Republican senator, stated, ‘There shouldn’t be any discussion about shutting down the government. We can make this thing work.’ … Contrary to Senator Thune, there should be a discussion about shutting down the government. The federal government’s annual budget is currently about $4 trillion. When Thune talks about making things work and negotiating he is talking about how a small portion of this $4 trillion will be spent. Democrats and Republicans are united in agreement about the vast majority of federal spending. What is never discussed is the constitutionality and legitimacy of all federal spending.” (12/06/17)