KY: Gay man to run against Kim Davis, who denied him a marriage license

Source: Raw Story

“The county clerk in rural Kentucky who went to jail rather than give marriage licenses to gay people is facing a re-election challenge from one of the gay men she tried to prevent from marrying. Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis made international headlines in 2015 when she denied legal marriage license to five gay couples. But on Wednesday, one of the men she opposed will officially launch his campaign to retire her from office. ‘I can’t let this happen,’ David Ermold told Newsweek. ‘I just cannot sit by and just let her take that seat without a fight.’ Ermold has lived in Rowan County for 14 years. He was excited to marry his boyfriend of almost two decades. But instead of a marriage license, he and his now-husband, David Moore, got a lawsuit. They were one of the many couples who sued Davis after she refused to grant them marriage licenses on the grounds that doing so went against her religious beliefs. That case is still working its way through the courts.” (12/06/17)