I hate The New York Times

Source: Town Hall
by John Stossel

“My hometown paper drives me crazy. I read The New York Times because it often has good coverage. The newspaper pays to send reporters to dangerous places all around the world. This weekend, the Times Magazine did a surprisingly fair profile of Sean Hannity, although they chose photos that make him look evil. But mostly I read the Times because my neighbors read it, and I need to understand what they think. Sadly, many think dumb things because most every day the Times runs deceitful, biased stories and headlines that mislead. Opinion columns have license to do that, but these days, the Times’ smears extend to ‘news’ stories. A recent headline said that that President Trump’s tweets had ‘united Britain in outrage.’ Wow. Really? The whole country? Only if you read the entire story would you learn that the outraged people include ‘the opposition Labour party,’ ‘several’ Conservatives … and comedian John Cleese. That’s a whole country ‘united in Trump outrage?’ Please.” (12/06/17)