Libertarians should celebrate Emancipation as much as they do the end of Prohibition

Source: Cato Institute
by Jonathan Blanks

“Every year on December 5, many libertarians and libertarian organizations hold events celebrating the anniversary of Prohibition’s repeal by the Twenty-First Amendment. This observance serves as an opportunity to socialize over a few drinks, but also to remember that there was a time in our nation’s history when we could collectively realize we’ve made a massive policy mistake by banning a popular intoxicant and, in our present day, reminding us that we should likewise end the Drug War. Repeal Day is, in short, a celebration of personal freedom and a call for more of it. Yet libertarians seem less eager to celebrate December 6, the anniversary of the Thirteenth Amendment’s ratification, which legally banned chattel slavery in the United States. Emancipation was the greatest single advancement of liberty in American history and yet the people whose political identity evokes liberation rarely celebrate the Thirteenth’s anniversary.” (12/06/17)