Cashless society and privacy?

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“Even if we go Galt, we still have to buy things, go places, and interact with people — and with companies. And however much we hate it, with government agencies. Even hobos (or their modern equivalent) can’t get by with leaving no electronic footprints, or so I understand. The homeless (even those who have no autos to live in) are tracked by local law enforcement and welfare agencies even through soup kitchens and shelters. And increasingly, this is done by biometrics: your photo becomes an ID card to identify you across the Fifty States. (And don’t even think about food banks — most of which require an incredible amount of ID and documentation to demonstrate that you are ‘deserving.’) The slowly growing (but still growing) war on cash (a worldwide effort) is going to make it worse …” (12/07/17)