First Amendment trumps civil rights laws

Source: Authority!
by Timothy J Taylor

“I predict that the Supreme Court of the United States will decide that the First Amendment trumps civil rights laws in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, because our government may not force us to express messages that violate religious convictions. Having read the oral arguments I think that a SCOTUS majority will hold that a Christian baker enjoys a First Amendment right to refuse the request of a gay couple to create a custom wedding cake that expressly celebrates a gay marriage. … Make no mistake though, a baker operating a business open to the public may not lawfully discriminate against atheists or gays in violation of public accommodations laws. Such people cannot lawfully be refused service when it comes to buying any cake in the shop, for instance, but they cannot force a baker to express creative ideas which violate his First Amendment rights.” (12/07/17)