Stopping sexual abuse on the job begins with empowering workers

Source: The Nation
by Michelle Chen

“Chicago hotel housekeepers will report to work with a new piece of gear in the coming months: not buckets and gloves, but a small electronic alarm, which they can sound if they encounter the occupational hazard that’s haunted them silently for years: a sexual attack. The ‘panic button’ fits in a housekeeper’s palm, but it’s the product of a massive public campaign led by the hotel workers union, UNITE HERE, for a local law to provide the devices as part of standard safety gear. More than an emergency technology, it’s a symbol of solidarity and recognition amid a culture of fear and silence. But the button just marks a start of a global conversation on redressing and preventing gender-based violence at work.” [editor’s note: Abuse of power is rampant, gender-based or not, and must be stopped in politics as well as everywhere – SAT] (12/07/17)