Ajit Pai’s personal hell, our national media’s failure

Source: Investors Business Daily
by staff

“Something disturbing has been taking place in recent months which, if unchecked, poses a real danger to our democracy, yet has barely been noted by the mainstream media: The continuing, organized political harassment of Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai. Pai has been subject to a nonstop campaign of attacks, vilification and outright threats unseen in this country in decades. And why? Because he overturned a ruling by President Obama’s FCC imposed on the nation regarding ‘net neutrality.’ Net neutrality allows the government to regulate internet carriers like it did the telephone industry and to force them to treat all content providers and their customers the same. It’s a little like forcing car dealers to slap the same price on every car they sell, whether it’s sporty or dowdy, convertible or hard top, fast or slow, full of extras or stripped down. Who would ever sell Corvettes if they could only charge the price of a VW Bug?” (01/10/18)