The FBI hand behind Russiagate

by Ray McGovern

“Ironically, the Strzok-Page texts provide something that the Russia-gate investigation has been sorely lacking: firsthand evidence of both corrupt intent and action. After months of breathless searching for ‘evidence’ of Russian-Trump collusion designed to put Trump in the White House, what now exists is actual evidence that senior officials of the Obama administration colluded to keep Trump out of the White House — proof of what old-time gumshoes used to call ‘means, motive and opportunity.’ Even more unfortunately for Russia-gate enthusiasts, the FBI lovers’ correspondence provides factual evidence exposing much of the made-up ‘Resistance’ narrative — the contrived storyline that The New York Times and much of the rest of the US mainstream media deemed fit to print with little skepticism and few if any caveats, a scenario about brilliantly devious Russians that not only lacks actual evidence — relying on unverified hearsay and rumor — but doesn’t make sense on its face.” (01/12/18)