Only pro-lifers address abortion’s core moral question

Source: National Review
by Mene Ukueberuwa

“By and large, pro-lifers do not demand that the public embrace an explicitly Christian worldview, or ask for any special protection for unborn children. Rather, we ask only that our country’s common moral principles be extended to every living person, and we challenge proponents of abortion to prove why they ought not be. As it happens, few proponents of abortion are up to this challenge. Instead of addressing the question of whether abortion is right or wrong as pro-lifers routinely do, the vast majority of pro-choice supporters merely argue that abortion is necessary — they treat the moral question as a puny afterthought.” [editor’s note: Ukueberuwa misses an important distinction that requires proof — “human being” and “person” are not necessarily the same thing. And many pro-choicers do in fact emphasize the moral dimension; they just happen to disagree with Ukueberuwa on what that dimension is and/or what position on it is correct – TLK] (02/13/18)

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