NJ: Idiot pol resigns after comparing immigrants to raccoons

Source: NJ.com

“Mendham Township Deputy Mayor Rick Blood resigned late Monday night after igniting a firestorm with his Facebook post comparing undocumented immigrants to raccoons in a basement and lauding President Trump as the exterminator. Blood’s resignation was announced to applause at the end of a three-hour Township Committee meeting. He was rebuked by about 30 speakers during a protracted public session and repeatedly urged to resign. … Blood apologized to the 70 in attendance and said he would resign if asked by his colleagues. ‘It was insensitive at best and it was cruel at the worst. I am most heartily sorry,’ Blood said of an eight-paragraph Facebook post that he did not author, but copied from someone he declined to identify. Versions of the post have circulated among Trump supporters for more than two years and mirror remarks in April 2016 by Carl Paladino, who co-chaired Trump’s campaign in New York.” (02/13/18)


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