Terror victims Donald Trump won’t talk about: Americans killed by the alt-right

Source: Salon
by Chauncey DeVega

“Have you heard of Blaze Bernstein? What about Buckley Kuhn-Fricker and Scott Fricker? Do Casey Jordan Marquez and Francisco Fernandez sound like familiar names? The answer is almost certainly no. Those are a few names drawn from the list of more than 100 people murdered or injured by the white supremacist ‘alt-right’ movement. The mainstream American news media has not devoted significant coverage to these victims. Why? Because while the rule ‘if it bleeds it leads’ is the corporate media’s informal modus operandi, right-wing violence has been increasingly normalized in the era of Donald Trump. Of course, Trump has not spoken the names of any of the 43 people killed by the ‘alt-right’ because the perpetrators are not nebulous black or brown people — or, worse yet, Muslims.” (02/13/18)


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