Syria: Regime rejects UN-led committee to alter constitution

Source: Reuters

“Syria’s government on Tuesday rejected efforts led by the United Nations to form a committee to rewrite Syria’s constitution, the main result of a peace congress among Syrian groups in Russia last month. ‘As a state, we are not bound by, nor have any relation with, any committee that is not Syrian formed, led and constituted,’ said Ayman Soussan, an assistant to the Syrian Foreign Minister, at a press conference in Damascus. ‘We are not bound by anything that is formed by foreign sides, whatever their name or state, we are not bound by it and it is of no concern to us,’ he added. … The main opposition negotiating group, which boycotted the Sochi meeting, said afterwards that it would cooperate with the formation of a constitutional committee so long as it would be under U.N. auspices.” [editor’s note: Much more polite than the US regime would likely be if the UN announced its intent to re-write the US Constitution – TLK] (02/13/18)

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