Is Paul Krugman now too conservative for our textbooks?

Source: EconLog
by Scott Sumner

“In the third edition of Mankiw’s excellent textbook, he quotes Paul Krugman defending child labor (as a lesser of evils) in the context of international trade agreements …. That all seems pretty unobjectionable to me. Who favors child prostitution? (Apparently, lots of people favor policies that lead to child prostitution.) I’m told that this Krugman comment was removed from later editions. In the 4th edition it was replaced with an article by Virginia Postrel, which emphasized that most parents don’t want their kids to work, and that economic growth was the most reliable way of eliminating child labor. Once again this is very sensible, and perhaps less controversial. I’m told that still newer editions also dropped even that discussion.” (02/13/18)

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