Exit scans are here

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“It happened again. I was just about to board an international flight leaving out of Atlanta. A US marshal stood in the path. He and an assistant had a machine and a pad with footprint decals. I was instructed to stand there. A machine scanned my face, found just the right frame, and snapped a picture. I expressed some puzzlement. The officer tried to address my concern: ‘It’s a free picture for you!’ We laughed together because that’s what you do when you have some vague sense that a government official is standing in the way of you leaving your own country. … I questioned a passport and customs official about the practice. He said it was not a program within his domain. These new exit scans are run by the US Marshals. However, he added, it was his agency’s ambition to have the same controls over exiting the country as the US has over entering the country. Coming and going. It was all the same to him.” (02/13/18)


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