US intel gang tries to resuscitate “Russian meddling” bogeyman for 2018 midterms

Source: US News & World Report

“U.S. intelligence agencies warn that Russia — among other countries posing cybersecurity threats — will continue [sic] to meddle in U.S. politics with an eye on the 2018 congressional elections, according to a new worldwide threat assessment and accompanying testimony from top intelligence officials on Tuesday. … The decisive conclusions from the Trump administration’s senior advisers on intelligence come amid ongoing criticism of the president’s shifting responses to questions about whether he believes Russia was responsible for hacking the Democratic National Committee ahead of the 2016 presidential election and of his accusations that the intelligence community itself was politicized.” [editor’s note: So far, publicly released “evidence” for the 2016 “meddling” charge comes down to some cheesy Facebook ads. Does anyone actually believe it any more? – TLK] (02/13/18)

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