Trump administration’s North Korea trap is set

Source: Fox News Forum
by Harry J Kazianis

“North Korea’s Kim family are the greatest abusers of human rights on the planet today. Such a family — more akin to the murderous Corleones in the Godfather trilogy than leaders of a nation-state — deserves to be tried in The Hague for their sins. But instead of a one-way trip to answer for their countless crimes, the killer Kims were instead paid what can only be described as the ultimate honor: VIP seats in a luxury box at the 2018 Winter Games, right there with our own Vice President Mike Pence, thanks to a peace overture pushed by the two Koreas. Barf. And from there it gets worse. North Korea used this opportunity to mount what could easily be described as the greatest attempted rebranding of a country in modern times. Forgotten was talk of Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear tests of last year or the 200,000 or so people trapped in prison camps. Oh no, instead we were told that Kim’s visiting sister was the ‘Ivanka Trump’ of North Korea. Seriously?” (02/13/18)

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