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Trump as honeybee?

by Steve Trinward

I got another inspiration from a minister today; actually, it was a metaphor. In a lesson about “Success Strategies,” Rev. Michael Woody, co-minister (with his wife Dyann) of the Music City Center for Spiritual Living here in Nashville, spoke about how the honeybee, in its quest for nectar (a selfish pursuit, since it cannot survive without it), also brings pollen, without which pollination of the flowers could not occur.

At first I only thought of how the free market truly operates (yes, there is barely such a thing existing, practically speaking, due to government interference, but that’s another story): individuals seeking to make a living, create or produce goods and services people want to purchase; those people’s money or other specie is exchanged for said goods, etc.; and both sides consider themselves to have gained from the exchange. Rand’s “The Virtue of Selfishness” sprang to mind (especially its introduction in which she defined “her terms”).
But then I thought about … Donald Trump.

In the current President of these United States, we seemingly have a perfect example of self-interest—egotistical, perhaps even pathological in its expression. But what if, like the honeybee, his words and actions are serving to create paradigm shifts that “pollinate” real political and social change, regardless of whether he is intending this to happen? What if, when we see the bigger picture, this could become a longer-term blessing on our American experiment?

Here are five areas where Trump’s presence in the White House might be a good thing in the long run:

Ten steps to REAL healthcare reform

Source: The Inter-Rationale
by Steve Trinward

I found this while browsing old files, written back in about 2010, when I was working with ISIL and editing the Medical Freedom Channel. Seems still relevant today …

[NOTE: This piece began as a “twelve-step program” (an analogy all too appropriate, since the REAL problem with healthcare in America is NOT that some don’t have “coverage” … but that too many of us think we MUST—for every little thing that comes along to threaten the physical, mental and/or emotional states-of-being of our corporeal-forms!) This “addiction” is behind most of the present chaos, leading to a system controlled by and geared to huge institutions and entrenched bureaucracies, who are by their nature slow to adapt to change and stubborn to seek innovation. Only impending doom (e.g., Big Auto unable to sell cars at the prices their employee-health insurance costs demand) has provided enough incentive to shift the paradigms. I attempted (cleverly or not) to tie each to one of the “twelve steps to sobriety” as presented in Alcoholics Anonymous and its many spinoffs. (Example: “Step One: We admitted we had a problem, an addiction to “insulatory” health insurance, covering every aspect of our wellness, and that we were powerless to change that habit …”) On further review, I decided the message-value outweighed the “cuteness factor” in importance; I’ll let you readers make the obvious jokes as you brainstorm solutions to each dilemma.]

Herewith, Ten Steps to true healthcare/wellness reform:

1. Shift away from the “employee benefit” model, to one that the “employee” controls, regardless of job held … or none at all. Let “insurance” be linked to the person, not the employer. If necessary, create artificial “pools” (based on neighborhood, combined small-businesses, affinities, etc), to amortize the risk of the occasional serious malady, but encourage “policyholders” to seek catastrophic-only “coverage” against huge financial liabilities, and pay for their own “maintenance.”

Trump as undercover “small(er) government” agent?

by Steve Trinward

[ Note: This was initially sketched out as part of a previous attempt to find something a little “positive” about the upcoming Trump Administration. On contemplation, it seems the most useful of the five paths outlined then. To read the initial piece go to: ]

What if President-elect Donald Trump has been looking at the Cabinet as a chance to shrink government? If so, he would be appointing skeptics, instead of insiders, in order to get a real evaluation of what should be cut and which first, to mitigate the pain for those now dependent on them, but to ultimately trim the size and scope of their fiefdoms.

Consider that one of the biggest problems we face in the ever-expanding government control over our lives comes from career bureaucrats, who make policy decisions and issue edicts on pretty much a daily basis—based mostly on their own whims, not on legitimate laws passed by Congress and signed into law by the reigning President. This has led to expansions of power in every realm from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Drug Enforcement Administration, most recently with the DEA’s latest edict declaring CBD oil to be a dangerous drug with no approved medicinal uses.

Now contemplate the fact that most of the names Trump has mentioned so far, whether for Cabinet position or agency head, have been someone from outside the usual suspects. From Education to HUD to Labor and the Small Business Administration, from Energy to Commerce to State to Defense, every prospective appointee is being pilloried for being “inexperienced” and or “incompetent” to perform the job, as well as for being already independently wealthy by whatever means. But let’s take a closer look, focusing on the positions that will need Senate confirmation, starting next month, before they can assume any duties at all:

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