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Severe WiFi security flaw puts millions of devices at risk

Source: Engadget

"Researchers have discovered a key flaw in the WPA2 WiFi encryption protocol that could allow hackers to intercept your credit card numbers, passwords, photos and other sensitive information. The flaws, dubbed 'Key Reinstallation Attacks,' or 'Krack Attacks,' are in the WiFi standard and not specific products. That means that just about every router, smartphone and PC out there could be impacted, though attacks against Linux and Android 6.0 or greater devices may be 'particularly devastating,' according to KU Leuven University's Mathy Vanhoef and Frank Piessens, who found the flaw." (10/16/17)

Canada: Drone hits commercial aircraft

Source: CNet News

"It was, says the Canadian Minster of Transport, the first time it's happened in Canada. In a statement issued on Sunday, Marc Garneau revealed that on Thursday, a Skyjet flight was struck by a drone as it approached Jean Lesage International Airport in Quebec City. … The Ministry of Transport told me that the aircraft was a Beech 100 King Air. The drone has not been identified. Garneau told CBC that 'it could have been much more serious' had the drone struck an engine or the cockpit. He said the drone had been flying 3 miles from the airport at 450 meters (around 1,500 feet). This is 150 meters above the legal limit. There were eight passengers on the plane." (10/15/17)

Russia: Regime plans "CryptoRuble" cryptocurrency

Source: Newsweek

"Russia may soon become the world’s first country to launch a cryptocurrency backed by a nation state, according to reports. Similar to bitcoin, the CryptoRuble cryptocurrency will be underpinned by a online ledger known as a blockchain. Unlike bitcoin, however, it will not be possible for people to mine the virtual currency—the process of confirming cryptocurrency transactions and adding their record to the blockchain in order to generate new units of the currency. Local reports cited by cryptocurrency news website CoinTelegraph revealed that CryptoRubles can be exchanged for rubles, though a 13 percent tax will be levied if the holder is unable to explain where the CryptoRubles came from." (10/16/17)

Syria: Israeli warplanes strike Syrian anti-aircraft battery

Source: Deutsche Welle [Germany]

"Israeli warplanes struck a Syrian anti-aircraft battery after coming under fire during a reconnaissance mission in Lebanese airspace, the Israeli military said Monday. No Israeli aircraft were hit by the anti-aircraft fire. Israel said the fire hailed from Syrian government-controlled SA-5 battery located about 50 kilometers (30 miles) east of Damascus. Two hours after, a separate aircraft 'incapacitated' the Syrian anti-aircraft position, Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Conricus said." (10/16/17)

LA: Oil rig blast on lake leaves one missing, seven hurt

Source: CBS News

"An oil rig explosion on a lake north of New Orleans, apparently caused when cleaning chemicals ignited, injured seven people and left authorities searching for another, who was missing. There were 'a lot of injuries,' many of them serious, with at least seven confirmed and more expected from the Sunday evening explosion on Lake Pontchartrain, Kenner Police Department spokesman Sgt. Brian McGregor told The Times-Picayune. No deaths were immediately reported." (10/16/17)

Kaepernick files grievance accusing NFL teams of colluding against him

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

"Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who remains unemployed after a 2016 season in which he began the movement of players protesting during the national anthem, has filed a grievance accusing NFL teams of improperly colluding to keep him out of the league, according to a person familiar with the case. Kaepernick reportedly has retained an attorney to pursue the collusion claim, and, according to the source, it will be Kaepernick’s outside legal representation and not the NFL Players Association primarily in charge of preparing and presenting his grievance. The collective bargaining agreement between the league and the players’ union prohibits teams from conspiring to make decisions about signing a player. But the CBA also says the mere fact that a player is unsigned and evidence about the player’s qualifications to be on an NFL roster do not constitute proof of collusion." (10/15/17)

Somalia: More than 300 killed in Mogadishu bombing

Source: US News & World Report

"The death toll from Saturday's truck bombing in Somalia's capital is now over 300, the director of an ambulance service said Monday, as the country reeled from the deadliest single attack it's ever experienced. … Saturday's truck bombing targeted a crowded street in Mogadishu, and about 300 others were injured. Somalia's government is blaming the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab extremist group, which has not commented. Officials said more than 70 critically injured people were being airlifted to Turkey for treatment on Monday as international aid began to arrive." (10/16/17)

Trump given a subpoena for all documents relating to assault allegations

Source: BuzzFeed

"A woman who said Donald Trump groped her has subpoenaed his campaign for documents about 'any woman alleging that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately.' Trump has denied her accusations and is fighting the subpoena. … The previously unreported subpoena was issued in March but entered into the court file last month. The White House did not respond to a request for comment, nor did Trump’s attorney. … Summer Zervos, a former contestant on the Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice, accused Trump of kissing and grabbing her when she went to his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007 to discuss a possible job at the Trump Organization. After Zervos made the accusation last October, just weeks before the election, Trump denied her accusation and called it a lie. She responded by suing him for defamation." (10/15/17)

Gaza: Hamas relinquishes control to Palestinian Authority, official says

Source: Haaretz [Israel]

"As the Palestinian Authority made its first plans to begin ruling over both the West Bank and Gaza as part of a new reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah, the Islamist group said it had handed over control of the Strip to the PA. Hamas deputy leader in Gaza, Khalil al-Hayya, said in an interview with the Hamas-affilated Al-Aqsa television, that from his point of view, the Palestinian prime minister of both the West Bank and Gaza is Dr. Rami Hamdallah. Hamdallah is prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, led by Fatah and seated in Ramallah in the West Bank." (10/15/17)

Iraq: Regime troops seize parts of oil-rich Kurdish region

Source: CNBC

"Iraqi army units on Sunday seized positions in and around Kirkuk, a major oil city that's dominated by the country's Kurdish people and which voted for independence last month. The Iraqi national army has taken control of Kirkuk's industrial district and oil refinery, Reuters reported, citing a statement from the military. Reports indicated that the Iraqi troops had not faced any opposition from Kurdish peshmerga militia fighters in the area. The Iraqi units went on the move toward Kirkuk around midnight local time in order to 'safeguard' the area, military commanders said." (10/16/17)