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Will Pelosi be next casualty of Dems’ virulent anti-Trump fever?

Source: Investors Business Daily
by staff

“It has been amusing to watch Democrats twist themselves into pretzels trying to explain away their loss in the special election in Georgia, after spending months promising it would be a referendum on President Trump. Will the party learn anything from this costly mistake? Democrats convinced themselves that neophyte politician Jon Ossoff had a chance to win in Georgia’s 6th District, which would have seriously hampered Trump’s agenda, and so they dumped an unbelievable amount of money into the race — nearly enough to buy every Ossoff voter an Apple Watch. But instead of proving how unpopular Trump is, Democrats managed only to show why the public is right to hold establishment ‘experts’ in such disdain. For months the pundits, media experts, Democrats and never-Trump Republicans declared that the race was neck-and-neck, and that the mere fact that Ossoff was competitive in a supposedly deep-red district was a huge indicator of the anti-Trump wave sweeping the country. The media showered Ossoff with positive press. Money and celebrity endorsements poured in from around the country. Almost every poll showed Ossoff winning the election. It’s hard to see how the ‘experts’ could have been more wrong.” (06/21/17)

Trump resistance will never be a Tea Party for Democrats

Source: USA Today
Taylor Budowich

“After failing in dramatic fashion at the ballot box last year, Democrats have clung to the hope that the vague anti-Trump ‘resistance’ may be their saving grace — a supposed organic political movement that would do for them what the Tea Party did for the Republicans. However, after four straight special-election defeats — capped off this week in Georgia when Democrats directed tens of millions of dollars only to lose — it’s clear the resistance is just another political paper tiger, not the party’s salvation. Since the Women’s March following President Trump’s inauguration, the mainstream media has attempted to draw parallels between the resistance and the Tea Party. Unsurprisingly, the comparison revolved around tactics. The Tea Party and the resistance both protested their respective Administrations, they both brought energy, and they both raised concerns at town halls.” (06/22/17)

Is the United States a patriarchy?

Source: Notes on Liberty
by William Rein

“I rarely encounter succinct definitions of patriarchy (much less in terms through which progress can be made), yet it is still nonchalantly applied in certain political circles. Often, when parts of the definition do make sense, they’re false. Modern-day societies — at least capitalist ones — are not ‘organized’ in any way intelligible by Facio’s definition; political relations are rarely, in the Western world, defined by sex or gender. One element that seems central to a definition is the over-valuing of ‘masculine’ qualities over ‘feminine.’ Glossing over the problem of defining these (even discussing them seems to be submitting to gender stereotypes), the value a society places on certain qualities is only the aggregate values of its individual members. Different people have different preferences.” (06/22/17)

Lies and damn lies

Source: A Geek With Guns
by Christopher Burg

“Since Diamond Reynolds livestreamed the aftermath of Castile’s death the cop apologists have been desperately trying to spin the preceding events in a way that justified what Officer Yanez did. Now that the jury has ruled that Yanez wasn’t guilty of manslaughter based on the explanation of the statute that was provided to them, they’re celebrating. Of course, their celebration involves making a great many false claims. One of the worst dens of cop apologists that has popped up on the Internet in recent times is Blue Lives Matters. Whenever an officer is involved in a use of force case the writers of that site are quick to character assassinate the victim, anybody connected to the victim, and anybody who disagrees with their narrative. Not surprisingly, their spin requires a great deal of speculation or outright false claims. On Monday the site posted this article to celebrate Yanez’s court victory. It’s not only a great example of the tendency for cop apologists to revel in death but also a great example of the speculation and false claims their narratives are often based on.” (06/22/17)

Do the Democrats know how to win anymore?

Source: The New Republic
by Graham Vyse

“Rahm Emanuel has a battle plan for Democrats, and it looks mighty familiar. On Tuesday, just hours before two special congressional elections were called for Republican candidates, the mayor of Chicago and political operative Bruce Reed published a piece in The Atlantic on ‘How the Democrats Can Take Back Congress.’ As architects of the party’s midterm strategy in 2006, when Republicans lost control of both the House and Senate, they argued that ‘Donald Trump came to Washington to make waves — and he may deliver a wave election powerful enough to sweep his party out of control of Congress.’ But, they added, ‘Waves don’t happen on their own: Democrats need a strategy, an argument, and a plan for what they’ll do if they win.'” [editor’s note: On some levels this is also good advice for the Libertarians – SAT] (06/22/17)

How the Pill made the American economy great

Source: The New Republic
by Bryce Covert

“While congressional Republicans are busy working on their secret health care bill, President Donald Trump is already undoing pieces of Obamacare on his own. He pledged during the campaign that he would roll back a regulation issued as part of the Affordable Care Act that requires contraception to be covered without co-pay in insurance plans. The rule had angered religious employers, who objected to, they say, being complicit in providing birth control to their employees. Despite numerous workarounds offered by the Obama administration, the Trump administration is reportedly undertaking a sweeping change that will allow virtually any employer to wriggle out of the mandate. There would be no requirement that they find another way to provide contraception, such as through a third party. Trump’s reversal would thus risk any employee’s free coverage and potentially put them back on the hook for hundreds of dollars a year. Before the ACA, 85 percent of large employers’ plans covered birth control, but most required a co-pay and deductibles. Without the mandate, thousands of employers could quickly rescind the benefit.” (06/21/17)

Conservatives hate the truth about the troops

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“[N]either the Taliban, ISIS, al-Qaeda, or anyone else in Afghanistan or Iraq is invading our country and trying to take away our freedom. Such being the case, how can it be said that the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are defending our country and protecting our rights and freedoms? According to conservatives, we are just not supposed to point out that obvious truism. Uttering that truth makes conservatives and other statists really angry and upset. They want to continue believing that the troops are killing because they are defending America and protecting our freedoms, and they want everyone else to believe it too, even though it’s manifestly false. Conservatives want to live the life of the lie and they want everyone else to live it too. And they hate people who refuse to do so.” (06/22/17)

Did Hulk Hogan neuter the First Amendment

Source: The Atlantic
by Sophie Gilbert

“The most memorable moment in Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press, a new documentary dropping on Netflix Friday, comes in the very first scene, when the former Gawker editor A.J. Daulerio is shown explaining to the camera that there’s a hold on his personal bank account. For $230 million. It’s a moment that the director, Brian Knappenberger, uses to convey the scale of the imbalance he perceives between a scrappy but impoverished press and an army of shadowy billionaires with endless pockets and a yen to muzzle the media.” (06/22/17)

Keeping Russia out of the voting booth

Source: The American Prospect
by Eliza Newlin Carney

“Of all the disturbing questions raised by Russia’s interference in last year’s election, the most alarming may be how a foreign power might hack into the nation’s voting infrastructure. So far there’s no evidence that Russian cyberattacks altered U.S. vote totals in any way. But recent disclosures make clear that Russian intelligence intrusions were much broader and deeper than initially known. And the U.S. election system, while it has strengths, remains vulnerable on several fronts: aging voting machines, the absence of a paper trail in some states, and spotty audits are all weaknesses that could be exploited in 2018 and 2020. The threat posed by foreign meddling in American voting is a rare point of bipartisan agreement on Capitol Hill, where the Senate Intelligence Committee held a hearing Wednesday on Russian election intrusions.” [editor’s note: Deflategate III continues – SAT] (06/22/17)

The unwritten law that helps bad cops go free

Source: National Review
by David French

“If you watch carefully, two salient facts should emerge. First, Philando Castile was quite literally following the police officer’s instructions when he was shot. The officer asked for his license and told him not to reach for his gun. Castile reached for his license while verbally assuring the officer that he was not reaching for his gun. The officer shot him anyway. The second fact overwhelmed the first. The officer panicked. His terror is palpable. The man went from conducting a relatively routine traffic stop to shrieking and firing in a matter of seconds. Part of this is understandable. Life can change in a flash, and when we’re in a state of ultimate distress, few of us can be as composed as SEAL Team Six. When I saw that palpable panic, I immediately knew why he was acquitted. The unwritten law trumped the statutes on the books. The unwritten law is simple: When an officer is afraid, he’s permitted to shoot. Juries tend to believe that proof of fear equals proof of innocence.” (06/22/17)