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Why Planned Parenthood should be defunded

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Laurence M Vance

"Congressional Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood because it performs abortions. That, of course, means that the organization has been previously funded. And funded it has been — for years, by Republicans, most recently in the omnibus spending bill (H.R.244) to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year that was signed into law by Trump on May 5. If Republicans, the vast majority of whom would say they are against abortion, are so opposed to Planned Parenthood because it performs abortions, then why did they fund the organization with millions of taxpayer dollars during the Bush years when they had a majority in both Houses of Congress for more than four years?" (07/21/17)

Now it's time for tax cuts — and Republicans are more divided than ever

Source: The Intercept
by David Dayen

"When presidents fail, it creates a snowball effect. George W. Bush couldn’t privatize Social Security and his legislative agenda never recovered. Bill Clinton’s abandonment of health care reform led it to tackle small-ball measures. Both were punished by voters for their failures in the next midterm, losing control of Congress and the ability to get anything else done. Voters don’t like losers. That’s bad news for House Republicans. Fresh off the (probable) failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they are pivoting to tax cuts. But along the way, for procedural reasons, they need to pass a budget." (07/21/17)

Clean coal has hit a speedbump, but it remains essential

Source: Independent Institute
by William F Shughart II

"The Kemper County, Miss., power plant, once heralded as the future of clean coal, has become the poster child for its struggles. Over-budget and mired in technical problems, the Southern Company, Kemper’s builder, recently announced that it’s giving up on the plant’s advanced coal-gasification systems. Instead, the plant will be powered solely by natural gas. Renewable energy advocates and climate hawks had been expecting the announcement for months and reacted with predictable derision and high-fiving. But their gloating is foolish. If they really care about tackling climate change — as they claim — critics should be deeply concerned about Southern’s failure to successfully commercialize Kemper’s clean-coal technology." (07/21/17)

Four reasons ObamaCare lived to plague Republicans another day

Source: The American Conservative
by Michael Tanner

"Republican hopes to repeal Obamacare are all but officially dead, at least for now. This isn’t just a failure, this is an epic failure. This is the legislative failure by which all future legislative failures will be judged. But how did it come to this? When Republicans took power in January, they controlled both branches of Congress and the presidency, Obamacare was hugely unpopular with voters, and the health care law was spiraling into failure. Yet somehow, Obamacare not only survives, it is now more popular than ever. So what went wrong?" (07/21/17)

Demand and supply

Source: Strike The Root
by Alex R Knight III

"Much has been made in the press recently about former Texas Governor turned Trump's Energy Secretary Rick Perry's economic statement: 'Here's a little economics lesson: supply and demand. You put the supply out there and the demand will follow.' To be sure, at first assessment, this statement seems counter-intuitively inverted. The most basic understanding of free-market principles instantly refutes it: Demand must precede supply. Scarcity drives cost. It struck me, however, that there are areas of capitalistic endeavor which, when narrowed down to specialization, necessitate a reversal of this market paradigm. The ones that first come to mind are what we commonly call the arts." [editor's note: No, it is not obvious that demand precedes supply. Was there a demand for the iPad or iPod before they existed? No, Apple floated them on speculation that people would go nuts for them, and Apple was right. Other products are similarly floated and disappear when the demand doesn't follow – TLK] (07/20/17)

Free the airports!

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Laurence M Vance

"It is a given that governments own courthouses, election offices, military bases, police stations, jails, prisons, city halls, governors mansions, and capitol buildings. But as governments at all levels have strayed from their legitimate purpose, they have assumed ownership and control over many things that could be handled by the private sector. One of those things is airports." (07/20/17)

Three reasons economic "inequality" is misleading

Source: Acton Institute
by Rev. Ben Johnson

"Society praises equality as an absolute good. Certainly, equality before God and the law are pillars of a free society. However, measuring economic equality is often misleading for three key reasons." (07/20/17)

Did Jill Stein help Russia elect Trump?

Source: Raw Story
by Alexander Nazaryan

"She’s back, and nobody knows why. There are 41 names included in the document requests sent to Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer, Alan S. Futerfas, and Paul J. Manafort’s lawyer, Reginald Brown, by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The requests include communications involving many individuals known to be ensnared in the Russia investigation, from President Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, to Russian President Vladimir V. Putin. But while this roster of characters would have made for a fine John Le Carré novel, one name included therein immediately attracted online speculation: that of former Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein. What, exactly, Stein has to do with Trump Jr.’s meeting last summer with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya is unclear, as the Senate Judiciary Committee provided no context for its demands, which are to be honored by August 2nd." (07/20/17)

Trump ends Syrian regime change campaign

by Justin Raimondo

"The Syrian people are mere 'bargaining chips' as far as the movers and shakers of the American empire are concerned: they have no reality outside the cold calculations of power politics, the maneuvers of our know-it-all political class, who think they are qualified to run the world. This is the same mentality that led us into the disastrous invasion of Iraq, and the equally tragic and bloody intervention in Libya, both of which resulted in chaos and the triumph of terrorism. In both cases we destroyed a secular authoritarian regime and paved the way for the growth of radical Islamist factions, enabling the spread of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and similar terrorist formations. And for what?" (07/21/17)

Expiring minds don't want to know

Source: Liberty Unbound
by Lori Heine

"I fear for many of my friends. I fear for my country. Because of many of my friends, I fear for my country." (07/19/17)