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Presidential Harassment is a Public Good

American Institute For EconomicResearch

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Peter C Earle

“There has never been an era of clean politics, never in the entire history of humanity. The Founders themselves made accusations about one another: the Adams vs. Jefferson campaigns heralded the birth of dirty tricks in the years just after the American Revolution. It’s pathetic, flatly, that anyone occupying the office of the allegedly most powerful position in the world would suddenly succumb to the rankest form of victimology. Politics attract individuals who seek power. … By whatever title it falls under — checks and balances, sunlight as the ‘best of disinfectants, ‘Presidential harassment,’ or other — those individuals should constantly be questioned, badgered by precedent, and each among their peers made to constantly look over their shoulders.” (10/10/19)

Restrictions Make Vaping the Next Lucrative Product Line for Cigarette Smugglers

Source: Reason
by JD Tuccille

“If high taxes on readily available goods create illegal markets, just imagine what happens under restrictions and outright bans that make products available only from illegal sources. As we’ve seen during Prohibition and with the War on Drugs, it drives willing consumers to underground dealers. And it’s about to happen around the country again, with Massachusetts and Michigan already imposing tough restrictions on e-cigarettes, and Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz favoring a ban on all flavored vaping products. The legal changes are largely a perverse panic-driven response to health dangers posed by black-market vaping products containing THC as well as a witches’ brew of other, potentially dangerous, ingredients. By banning legal vaping products, officials seem set on driving people back to the already-smuggled tobacco that they abandoned for safer e-cigarettes, and to create a new black market for underground vaping products.” (10/10/19)

Six Ways Immigration Reform Can “Make America Great”

Source: Niskanen Center
by Matthew La Corte

“President Trump and his allies continue to assail immigrants and perpetuate the myth that U.S. immigration is inherently detrimental to the health of the economy and society at large. From wage depletion and unfair job competition to violent crime and acts of terror, Trump’s ‘America First’ mantra turns on the narrative that all immigrants are antithetical to Americans’ well-being. The academic literature on the impact of immigration is clear: immigrants help — not harm — the U.S. economy as a whole and commit crimes at lower levels than do native-born Americans. … Here are six innovative strategies to better utilize the levers of immigration policy to improve well-being, economic growth, and law and order in the U.S.” (10/10/19)

Pull Them All Out of Syria, Now

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“If we want to restore a free, peaceful, harmonious, and normally functioning society to our land, we have to bring an end to U.S. interventionism all over the world. That means bringing all the troops home immediately, which would put an end to the death and destruction that U.S. interventionism wreaks abroad, which in turn would disintegrate the anger and rage that leads to the threat of terrorist retaliation against the United States. That includes Syria. Instead of repositioning a few soldiers within Syria, Trump should be ordering an immediate and complete withdrawal of U.S. forces in Syria.” (10/10/19)

The left [sic] accuses others of being misogynists, but they protected Harvey Weinstein for years

Source: Fox News Forum
by Tucker Carlson

“It is the most reliable standard in politics. In fact, take these words, put them on a piece of paper, put them on your fridge and leave them there because this is the Rosetta Stone to American politics and here it is: Whatever the left [sic] accuses you of is exactly what they’re doing themselves — every time. They’ll scream at you for being a ‘racist,’ and yet, they’re literally the ones imposing a system of inflexible racial discrimination on the entire country. They’ll call you a ‘fascist’ even as they work to eliminate the First and Second Amendments. And of course, they regularly attack their opponents as ‘sexist’ while they protect actual rapists and abusers who are useful to them politically.” (10/10/19)

The Hidden Costs of a Universal Basic Income

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Arkadiusz Sieron

“The universal basic income (UBI) is gaining popularity as the alternative to the current welfare system. The idea is to give each citizen the same amount of money, no matter if he or she works or not. Therefore, unlike traditional welfare systems, the UBI has no means test, nor willingness-to-work test. Nobody would be then left without a livelihood even if there is no work for him. Doesn’t that sound great? The problem is that the program must be financed somehow” (10/10/19)

Stand With the Chinese People: Trade With Them Freely

Source: Cafe Hayek
by Don Boudreaux

“Because free markets give ordinary people more options (not to mention tastes of freedom), a predictable, if ironic, consequence of the enrichment of ordinary Chinese people is increased suppression by Beijing’s authoritarians, who are desperate to hold on to power. Unlike many, I believe that the experiment in China is still playing out. For Beijing to (re)establish and to retain anything remotely close to the level of tyranny that reigned under Mao — and that I don’t doubt Xi & Co. would relish — Beijing will have to cram the market genie back into its bottle. Because such cramming is made multiple times more difficult the more numerous and thick are the commercial ties that the Chinese people have with other peoples, including Americans, U.S.-imposed restrictions on trade will likely raise, not lower, the likelihood that Xi fully succeeds in strapping the Chinese people again securely to tyranny’s rack.” (10/10/19)

When Republicans were republican

Niskanen Center

Source: Niskanen Center
by Forrest A Nabors

“Our country needs a new republican party that adopts the mission and the determined statesmanship of the original Republican Party. If a primary purpose of studying historical writing is to meditate upon past greatness for our present instruction, then we ought to repair to our studies of the leaders of the old party. They were the worthy descendants of their republican forefathers and more worthy of our emulation today than anyone else in our country’s history. But Americans today, and even scholars, have forgotten the breadth of their achievement.” (10/10/19)

Is US in constitutional crisis? That may not be most important question

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by Peter Grier & Jessica Mendoza

“President Donald Trump’s pledge of non-cooperation with the impeachment inquiry of the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives may or may not be a ‘constitutional crisis.’ But it is a stark new test of the nation’s founding legal document — perhaps the most important such trial since Richard Nixon declined to turn over the White House tapes. How it’s resolved could reset the balance of power between the executive and legislative branches of government in our polarized political age. This test is only partly a legal matter. It’s also political — an appeal for the support of the ‘jury’ of American voters. President Trump’s combative letter to the House on Tuesday seemed as much directed toward his rally-going base as a serious attempt to argue legal issues with Democratic leaders.” (10/10/19)

“The Grid” is the Problem, Not the Solution

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“On October 9, Pacific Gas & Electric began shutting down power to about 750,000 customers (affecting as many as 2 million people) in California. The company claims the shutdowns are necessary to reduce the risk that its power lines and other infrastructure will cause wildfires like last year’s Camp Fire, which killed 85 people and and caused $16.5 billion in damage. The Camp Fire was an extreme result, and the blackouts are an extreme response, but they’re far from the only indicators that Americans should no longer trust aging ‘grid’ distribution systems to reliably and safely supply electricity to their homes and businesses. Fortunately, just as the problems seem to be getting really bad, the solutions are coming online fast. Unfortunately, states’ response to the problem are a strange mix of unneeded mandates and subsidies and unjustifiable barriers, driven by cronyism and hostility to free markets.” (10/10/19)