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NC: Mom jailed after baptizing daughter

Source: New York Post

“A North Carolina woman is spending a week in the county jail — because she had her daughter baptized. Kendra Stocks, of Charlotte, began her sentence on Friday after being found in contempt of court. Stocks, 36, had the rite performed on her then-two-year-old in August 2016 in defiance of a judge’s order in a custody battle between herself and the father, Paul Schaaf, The Charlotte Observer reported. The christening happened one day after a Mecklenburg judge gave full custody to Schaaf — ‘specifically including decisions concerning religion,’ the paper reported. … Schaaf was never informed about the baptism — and only learned of it when Stocks posted photos on Facebook, according to the documents. He then notified the courts.” (02/17/18)

Moon won’t discuss possible summit with North Korea’s Kim

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Saturday that he hopes his efforts to engage rival North Korea at the Olympics will also lead to better ties between the North and its other major rival, Washington, as well as help set up talks on ridding the North of its nuclear bombs. But Moon wouldn’t answer a question from The Associated Press about what needs to happen before he’ll take North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un up on his invitation for a summit. He earlier said ‘let’s not get too far ahead’ on a summit, according to his office. Moon has yet to accept the North Korean offer, which was delivered Feb. 10 by Kim’s younger sister, Kim Yo Jong. He’s only said that the Koreas should ‘create an environment’ for talks. There’s a reason for his caution: the United States. Moon likely wants his talks with the North to be accompanied with warming ties between Pyongyang and Washington so there’s less chance of aliening the South’s most crucial ally.” (02/16/18)

Report: Mysterious interstellar object is spinning out of control

Source: Fox News

“There is so much we don’t know about how the universe works. Sometimes examples come along that remind us just how much. Such as ‘Oumuamua.’ Using a personalized auto insurance match engine developed by Boston grads drivers can now look for the right coverage for the right price. Given the Hawaiian name for ‘pathfinder’ or ‘scout’ it was first detected in September. The PanSTARRS1 telescope found a new pinprick of light crossing our skies. It was coming from a strange direction. It was moving unusually fast. All of which was tracked back to an interstellar origin — beyond our own Solar System. At first it was dubbed Comet C/2017 U1. But it proved not to be a comet. So it was named ‘Oumuamua.’ Now astronomers have figured out something about its origins, its incredibly long journey and its makeup. The latest revelation is that it is spinning chaotically out of control.” (02/15/18)

Facebook plans to use US mail to verify IDs of election ad buyers

Source: Raw Story

“Facebook Inc will start using postcards sent by U.S. mail later this year to verify the identities and location of people who want to purchase U.S. election-related advertising on its site, a senior company executive said on Saturday. The postcard verification is Facebook’s latest effort to respond to criticism from lawmakers, security experts and election integrity watchdog groups that it and other social media companies failed to detect and later responded slowly to Russia’s use of their platforms to spread divisive political content, including disinformation, during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Facebook revealed the plans a day after U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller unsealed an indictment accusing 13 Russians and three Russian companies of conducting a criminal and espionage conspiracy using social media to interfere in the election by boosting Republican Donald Trump and denigrating Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.” (02/17/18)

Red Stripe buys Jamaican bobsled team new sled after coach quits

Source: Fox News

“Talk about putting it on the tab. On Feb. 14, Jamaica’s women’s bobsled team found themselves in pinch when their coach Sandra Kiriasis dramatically quit just days before their Olympic debut in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games. Worse yet, Kiriasis threatened to take their bobsled with her, BBC reports. Fortunately, Jamaican lager Red Stripe came to the rescue via Twitter. ‘No bobsled, no problem. If you need a new ride @Jambobsled, put it on @RedStripe’s tab. DM us and we’ll be in touch,’ the company’s USA account tweeted on Feb. 15. … In the days since, Red Stripe senior marketing manager Andrew Anguin confirmed to Adweek that the company has proudly purchased a bobsled for Team Jamaica. ‘The games are an honor to compete in, and as the No. 1 beer in Jamaica, we want to help those athletes realize their dreams. The athletes clearly have no quit, so we would love to do our part and put the cost of a new bobsled on our ‘bar tab” Anguin said.” (02/17/18)

NJ: Pregnant woman hurt when man rams stolen bakery truck into Planned Parenthood

Source: Raw Story

“A 31-year-old man crashed a stolen bakery delivery truck into an East Orange Planned Parenthood clinic, in an attack that injured a pregnant woman and two other people, authorities said Friday.
Marckles Alcius, of Lowell, Massachusetts, was charged with attempting to cause widespread injury or damage, six counts of aggravated assault, theft and weapons offenses in the Wednesday incident at the health clinic, according to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. In a statement, Acting Essex County Prosecutor Robert D. Laurino and East Orange Public Safety Director Sheliah Coley called the crash a ‘truck attack.’ A staff member and two patients, including the pregnant woman, suffered minor injuries, according to authorities. Emergency medical crews brought two of the injured to the hospital while the third sought treatment herself. All of the injured have since been released from the hospital, officials said. Authorities were investigating other possible charges in the ongoing probe, according to Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Adam Wells.” (02/17/18)

Pope renews Vatican’s anti-sexual abuse panel

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Pope Francis has announced the renewal of the Church’s panel tasked with combating sexual abuse of children, in the wake of a fresh controversy. The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors is made up of eight men and eight women – nine of which are new members. Its original three-year mandate expired in December. In recent weeks, Pope Francis has been under fire for his defence of a bishop accused of witnessing sexual abuse. During his trip to Chile in January, he told journalists that in the case of Bishop Juan Barros: ‘There is not a single piece of proof against him. Everything is slander. Is this clear?’ His remarks offended some of the victims of Fernando Karadima. They said Bishop Barros was present while Karadima molested them decades ago – and did nothing. Karadima was relieved of his duties by the Vatican in 2011 — but Juan Barros was installed as a bishop in 2015, amid protests.” (02/17/18)

Argentina: Father pretends to be 11-year-old daughter to find and attack sexual harasser

Source: Fox News

“A father in Argentina took actions into his own hands after he pretended to be his 11-year-old daughter in order to locate and pummel the man who harassed the girl via a messaging app. Walter Rodriguez said his daughter told him a 29-year-old man named German Acosta, who she met through WhatsApp, was sending inappropriate messages and demanding to meet her, El Pais reported. The girl also said he was trying to convince her to lie to her parents and kept asking for pictures of her in undergarments. In one of the texts to Acosta, the pre-teen said she was a virgin, to which Acosta replied: ‘That’s great.’ Rodriguez took control of the text conversations and posed as his daughter to arrange a meeting with Acosta.” (02/17/18)

In a world first, Switzerland deems it illegal to boil a lobster

Source: USA Today

“When it comes to cooking fresh lobster, the Swiss are now saying: We feel your pain. A law goes into effect March 1 that bans the common cooking method of tossing a live lobster into a big pot of boiling water, quickly killing the tasty crustacean. That practice is being outlawed because the Swiss say it’s cruel and lobsters can sense pain. The first national legislation of its kind in the world calls for a more humane death for lobsters, by ‘rendering them unconscious’ before plunging them into scalding water. Two methods are recommended: Electrocution or sedating the lobster by dipping it into salt water and then thrusting a knife into its brain. The same law also gives domestic pets further protections, such as dogs can no longer be punished for barking. The measure is part of the broad principle of ‘animal dignity’ enshrined in Switzerland’s constitution, the only country to have such a provision. The constitution already protects how various species must be treated and specifies that animals need socialization.” (02/17/18)

TX: Congressional candidate for Houston endures backlash for untimely gun ad

Source: Raw Story

“A GOP congressional candidate who hopes to represent Houston in the U.S. House of Representatives faces criticism for an untimely ad campaign heavily featuring guns. Kathleen Wall, who is vying for the seat of retiring GOP Rep. Ted Poe, released an ad this week depicting her firing a rifle, which was reportedly first seen within 24 hours of the devastating school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Social media responses to the ads are scathing, especially from the viewers who saw Wall’s commercial during coverage of the Florida shooting. Wall also received attention due to a mailer that some residents received late this week.” [editor’s note: Funny how showing someone firing a gun gets trashed, because an incident happened elsewhere, where self-defense had been prohibited – SAT] (02/17/18)