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Adams: Gun arguments and media mind-reading

Scott Adams

Source: Scott Adams Says

“Scott Adams tells you the worst arguments about guns and why racism comes from the news not candidates. With coffee.” [Flash video] [editor’s note: This is really worth your time; it presents the ways gun-rights advocates under cut their best arguments, and then addresses why “the media” has lost its way so completely – SAT] (02/21/18)

Intercepted Podcast, 02/21/18

Source: The Intercept

“James Risen and Glenn Greenwald have both won Pulitzer Prizes. They both have found themselves in the crosshairs of the U.S. government for their journalism. And they both write for The Intercept. But Jim and Glenn have taken very different approaches to covering the Trump/Russia story. This week on Intercepted, they go head-to-head in a debate.” [various formats] (02/21/18), 02/20/18



“Robert Wright (, The Evolution of God, Nonzero, Why Buddhism Is True) and Greg Gutfeld (Fox News) … If Bob and Greg can’t bridge America’s tribal divide, who can? … One cure for tribalism … How tribalism triumphs over ideology … Is Trump crazy like a fox, or just crazy? … Greg: Identity politics is ‘nothing but division’ … Does language policing help Trump? … Fox News in the scheme of things.” [Flash video] (02/20/18), 02/20/18


“William R. Black (Rice University, and Edward Miller (Northeastern University, Nut Country) … Bill and Ted’s (excellent) disclaimer: ‘We are not conspiracy theorists!’ … Ted’s brief stint as a conspiracy-curious teenager … Did Lee Harvey Oswald really act alone? … How a botched autopsy bred alt-narratives about JFK’s death … Bill: The world of JFK assassination theories has a left and right wing … John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson’s shifting legacies.” [Flash video] (02/20/18)

Foreign Policy Focus, episode 157

Foreign Policy Focus

Source: Foreign Policy Focus

“Will Porter returns to Foreign Policy Focus to discuss the new indictments by the Mueller Probe. Will and Kyle debunk the lies that surround the claim ‘Russia hacked the election.’ We break down the responses to the new incidents by Leon Panetta, Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, Tucker Carlson, Chris Hayes, Peter van Buren, and Rob Reiner. We also look at possible future of the Russiagate story.” [various formats] (02/19/18), 02/19/18


“Robert Wright (, The Evolution of God, Nonzero, Why Buddhism Is True) and David Frum (The Atlantic, Patriots) … David: strong national spirit is wonderful so long as it’s inclusive … Trump makes liberals rethink their suspicion of the intelligence community … David: Party loyalties may not withstand this century’s unique problems … Why Trump’s seeming ambivalence about domestic abuse allegations could drive off moderate Republicans for good … David’s new book, Trumpocracy, surveys Trump’s damage to the American Republic.” [Flash video] (02/19/18)

Clear and Present Danger, episode 2

Clear And Present Danger

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

“Rome was the most powerful empire in antiquity. But were the Romans free to speak truth to power? Did history’s first successful Women’s March take place in Rome? And who came out on top when the words of Cicero clashed with the ambition of Caesar and armies of Octavian? Why did historians and astrologers become endangered species when the republic became an empire? Find out in episode 2 of Clear and Present Danger: A History of Free Speech.” [various formats] (02/15/18)

The Cyberlaw Podcast, episode 203

The Volokh Conspiracy

Source: The Volokh Conspiracy

“In this episode, Jamil Jaffer and I interview Glenn Gerstell, the General Counsel of the National Security Agency. Glenn explains what it was like inside the effort to reauthorize section 702 of FISA. Jamil and I ask him whether the FISA court has the authority to deal with material omissions in FISA applications, and he actually answers. Glenn also touches on how it feels to discover that data subject to a judicial retention order has been inadvertently deleted, on his secret exercise regime, on his future plans, and on how the United States should respond to the cybersecurity crisis.” [MP3] (02/14/18)

The five best arguments against immigration — and why they’re wrong

Source: Reason

“No issue is more hotly contested today than immigration, with restrictionists calling for the deportation of illegals and a 50 percent cut in legal immigration. Here are the five strongest arguments against immigrants and immigration — and why they’re wrong.” [Flash video] (02/14/18)

Intercepted, 02/14/18

Source: The Intercept

“This week on Intercepted: Senior National Security Correspondent Jim Risen talks about the secret NSA negotiations with a Russian intermediary and discusses where he sees the Russia investigation going. As Trump continues his obsession with the MS-13 street gang, The Intercept’s Alice Speri reports on how this ‘war on gangs’ has given the green light for federal agents to target high school students for deportation. NYU professor Nikhil Singh talks about his latest book ‘Race and America’s Longest War’ and offers a provocative perspective on some of the golden calves of ‘American exceptionalism.’ Iran analyst Holly Dagres of The Iranist discusses the politics of regime change and the recent protests in Iran. Plus, Stormy Daniels helps Trump wag the dog.” [various formats] (02/14/18)