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The Fifth Column, episode 52

Source: Reason

“If you haven’t seen the Vice News segment on the insane race politics at Evergreen State College, click on this YouTube link to fix it. The correspondent, former Reasoner Michael Moynihan, spends the opening segment of our latest Fifth Column podcast, dishing about the story behind the story, and the juicy parts that ended up on the cutting room floor. … Also in the episode: Kmele Foster and I [Matt Welch] get into it over the Philando Castile verdict and politics thereof, Moynihan goes on a tasty rant against those who had accused Otto Warmbier of abusing his white privilege and allegedly violating the laws of a totalitarian state, and the three of us bitch generally about the New York subway.” [various formats] (06/22/17)

The Tom Woods Show, episode 937

Source: The Tom Woods Show

“Roger Anderson, a telecommunications contractor and consultant with nearly 25 years of experience, decided that unsolicited telemarketing calls, which half the time are from scammers trying to get your financial information, needed to be dealt with. So he designed a series of clever bots that appear to be real people and keep the telemarketer tied up on the phone, and therefore temporarily unable to bother or victimize everyone else. It’s a brilliant and hilarious private-sector response.” [various formats] (06/22/17)

Freedom Feens Radio, 06/22/17

Source: Freedom Feens Radio

“MWD, John Vibes, Lou, Randy … talk about why some government waste is good and why agorism is also good, in a surprisingly related way. Also discussed is why most books by celebritarians (celebrity libertarians) aren’t very good.” [various formats] (06/22/17)

Free Talk Live, 06/21/17

Source: Free Talk Live

“Scott and Adam from Ancap Barbershop Join Us :: Recapping Shirefest and Somaliafest :: Sports Scores :: Labeling and GMOs :: Otto Warmbier Died :: UN Creating Laws Against Cultural Appropriation? :: HOSTS — Ian, Mark.” [Flash audio or MP3] (06/21/17)

The Jason Stapleton Program, episode 618

Source: The Jason Stapleton Program

“There’s been a lot of posturing over the last few days with Russian and NATO jets ‘buzzing’ each other in the sky. It’s the type of high school flexing designed to see if you’ll flinch. The problem is, this type of juvenile shenanigans can start a war, and all sides should take a step back from the edge. Don’t count on any big changes. Both the US and Russia are lead by macho-personas that don’t show any signs of capitulation. Are we on the cusp of another world war? I hope not, but the table is set, the chess pieces are in place. All we need now is for someone to make the first move.” [various formats] (06/21/17)

Foreign Policy Focus, episode 56

Foreign Policy Focus

Source: Foreign Policy Focus

“On FPF #56, I discuss Congress taking the first steps towards passing a new AUMF. The new AUMF will allow the president to wage war across the globe. The bill will go to the Senate Foreign Relation Committee tomorrow. I also update Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Mosul, and North Korea.” [various formats] (06/21/17)

Kelley Vlahos on The Scott Horton Show

Source: Libertarian Institute

“Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, the new Managing Editor of The American Conservative magazine, discusses her great new job and the terrible ongoing war in Afghanistan.” [various formats] (06/21/17)

The Tom Woods Show, episode 936

Source: The Tom Woods Show

“Eric Peters joins me to discuss the bubble in automobile sales, plus: dangerous pro-state bills pending that you may not know about.” [various formats] (06/21/17)

Electric Libertyland, episode 25

Electric Libertyland

Source: Lions of Liberty

“On this week’s Electric Libertyland, Brian McWilliams gets riled up telling some stories of Los Angeles local insanity and cries of ‘institutional racism’ … all because of some bike lanes. Brian also discusses some wins and losses when chatting with progressives, the Bill Mahr N-word scuffle, Rand Paul’s CARERS Act, the congressional baseball shooting, right wingers interrupting and shutting down the Trumpy ‘Julius Caesar,’ and debuts a new segment called ‘Bar Talk’ breaking down Dodd Frank.” [various formats] (06/21/17)

Freedom Feens Radio, 06/21/17

Source: Freedom Feens Radio

“Shane and Knight (who sound as much alike as Phil and Jeremy do) yak with Michael W. Dean about his report cards from the 1970s … and how MWD’s teacher’s comments foretold his later interest in liberty. Also discussed is MWD’s band Bomb opening for Rage Against the Machine at Club Lingerie in 1991, teaching normies about liberty, why religion doesn’t bother us as much as statism bothers us, Killology, and much much more.” [various formats] (06/21/17)