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Editor's Break, episode 25

Source: Everything Voluntary

"Editor's Break 025 is a quick look at Georgism, the political and economic philosophy that argues for tax on land because of its supposed special status as a finite resource. Is it compatible with human nature? Is it ethical? Is it better at reducing conflict over scarce resources than original appropriation?" [various format] (03/28/17)

Cato Daily Podcast, 03/28/17

Source: Cato Institute

"The Supreme Court takes up Lee v. United States today. The Cato Institute filed a brief in the case regarding the right to and rationality of defendants asking for a jury trial. Tim Lynch comments." [various formats] (03/28/17)

Johnny Rocket Launch Pad, episode #107

Source: Johnny Rocket Launch Pad

"Jeff Berwick joins the JRLP to discuss his story on becoming a libertarian, his adventures exploring the world, his views on the state, and his predictions of the upcoming economic collapse." [various formats] (03/28/17)

The Libertarian Angle, 03/28/17

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation

"FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling discuss how spontaneous order organizes society in an efficient way while at the same time preserving liberty." [various formats] (03/28/17)

The Jason Stapleton Program, episode 568

Source: The Jason Stapleton Program

"Today my very special guest is Tim Kennedy who many of you know has made quite a name for himself in the world if MMA, self-defense, and personal protection. … We cover a lot of ground in this interview, and I think you're going to get a perspective on foreign policy that runs contrary to current libertarian opinion." [various formats] (03/28/17)

The LAVA Spurt, episode 58

Source: The LAVA Flow Podcast

"Are you still sending your kids to government indoctrination centers? Be careful that they're not picked up by CPS for some asinine reason, because Child Protective Services is immoral. What's in the News with stories on a Vault 7 update, taxation of charity, LBRY saves 20,000 lectures, judicially supported tyranny, and the USDA is a terrorist organization. And, a How to Live a LAVA Lifestyle in a Statist Society segment on encrypting your hard drive and facial recognition." [various formats] (03/28/17)

Foreign Policy Focus, episode 19

Foreign Policy Focus

Source: Foreign Policy Focus

"On FPF #19, I discuss the war in Yemen. For over two years, Saudi Arabia has been waging an air war in Yemen with the assistance of the US. The US is also carrying out raids and drone attacks against al-Qaeda. I explain how the US is fighting on both sides of the Yemeni war and how the civilians are suffering." [various formats] (03/27/17)

Free Talk Live, 03/27/17

Source: Free Talk Live

"Trump Escalating Bombings of Innocents in Iraq, Syria :: Blowback :: Ramping Up Conflict :: White Nationalists Infiltrating Cascadia? :: Racist Ralph :: Sharia Law :: Immigration and Welfare :: Speeding Cameras :: HOSTS — Ian, Mark, Melanie." [Flash audio or MP3] (03/27/17)

Reason Podcast, 03/27/17

Source: Reason

"On today's podcast, Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Welch discuss Trump and immigration in the context of Robert Draper's masterful New York Times Magazine story on Steve Bannon, in which the presidential adviser slimes libertarians for 'not living in the real world.' The Reason crew also talks about what do about 'the giant loogie' hanging off Paul Ryan's face after the collapse of the GOP's health care bill and the Speaker's failure to live up to the title of 'wonk king;' whether the coming push for tax reform will go any better than the health care debacle; and the Associated Press'[s] controversial decision to permit journalists to use 'they' as a single, gender-neutral pronoun. Is it language evolution or devolution? What would rap super-producer DJ Khaled — famous for invoking the phrase they don't want you to … — think? To wrap things up, Katherine Mangu-Ward explains the genesis of Reason magazine's buzz-generating new punctured-wall cover." [various formats] (03/27/17)

The Tom Woods Show, episode 877

Source: The Tom Woods Show

"Donald Trump suffered a setback last week when the American Health Care Act lacked the votes to pass. Here's a great discussion of why it failed and what its failure means for the future." [various formats] (03/27/17)