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Reason Podcast, 07/16/18

Source: Reason

“Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has been taking his lumps in the media and other sectors of the anti-Trumposphere for these comments on CNN Sunday about Russia’s hackery into the 2016 presidential campaign: ‘If we have proof that they did it, we should spend our time protecting ourselves instead of having this witch hunt on the president. I think we need to be done with this so we can protect our election. … We all do it. What we need to do is make sure our electoral process is protected. They are not going to admit it in the same way we’re not going to admit we were involved in the Ukrainian elections or the Russian elections.’ To which Mother Jones D.C. Bureau Chief David Corn tweeted simply: ‘Traitor.’ This is one of several often-hysterical Trump/Russia-related controversies tackled today on the editor-roundtable version of the Reason Podcast, featuring Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, Nick Gillespie, and me [Matt Welch].” [various formats] (07/16/18)

Cato Daily Podcast, 07/16/18

Source: Cato Institute

“On a scale of ‘Tremendous’ to ‘Treasonous,’ how did the Trump/Putin summit in Helsinki go? Chris Preble comments.” [various formats] (07/16/18)

Ron Paul Liberty Report, 07/16/18

Source: Ron Paul Liberty Report

“The just-completed summit between presidents Trump and Putin has surprised — and infuriated — President Trump’s supporters and detractors at home. Is this the beginning of an improvement in relations … or will the neocons have the last word?” [Flash video] (07/16/18)

One Free Family, episode 24

One Free Family

Source: Pax Libertas Productions

“One of the most common concerns we hear from parents considering helping their children to become more self-directed in their learning is that they wouldn’t know where to begin. In this episode, Taylor and James talk about their approach to helping their children pursue their passions and learn about the things that interest them while being mindful to not take over the learning process.” [Flash audio] (07/16/18)

Scott Adams Says, 07/16/18

Scott Adams

Source: Scott Adams Says

“Scott Adams talks about Russia. With coffee.” [Flash video] (07/16/18)

Lions of Liberty Podcast, episode 357

Lions of Liberty

Source: Lions of Liberty

“In today’s show, Marc hits you with more coverage of the LNC, as he interviews various LP candidates for office, as well as a couple impressive young activists, and Zoltan Istvan, proponent of trans humanism.” [various formats] (07/16/18)

The Bob Zadek Show, 07/15/18

Source: The Bob Zadek Show

“Tony [Francois] joins the show to explain the disastrous unintended consequences of federal bureaucratic management of state resources and discuss other pending Supreme Court cases in which endangered species regulations are threatening people’s liberties (and often the environment). Finally, Bob and Tony discuss Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and his track record on cases involving the environment.” [various formats] (07/15/18)

Foreign Policy Focus, episode 220

Foreign Policy Focus

Source: Foreign Policy Focus

“On FPF #220, I break down a Jake Tapper interview of Rand Paul. Tapper presents the establishment position on NATO, Russian Aggression, and Russiagate. Senator Paul pushes back on Tapper’s hawkish position. I explain where why NATO is not essential to security, that Russia is not an expansionist power, and the Mueller investigation still lacks evidence to prove Russia changed the outcome of the 2016 election.” [various formats] (07/16/18)

Free Talk Live, 07/15/18

Source: Free Talk Live

“Mark doesn’t like bums :: Govt make work programs :: Govt make work programs :: Public sector unions :: Government schools :: Products that conservative and liberals buy :: Aaron Day for Governor of NH :: Mark, Darryl and Aaron Day” [Flash audio or MP3] (07/15/18)

AnarchoChristian, episode 14

Source: Pax Libertas Productions

“I had the pleasure to be asked to record a Q & A at Porcfest this year, and I couldn’t be happier about the friends we made early Saturday morning, and the recording we made. Thank you Rodger for the invitation and the media room. Thank you everyone that attended and contributed to the recording!” [various formats] (07/15/18)