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Intercepted, 11/15/17

Source: The Intercept

“Rami Khouri breaks down Saudi Arabia’s agenda in the Middle East, its destruction of Yemen, and the bizarre case of the exiled Lebanese prime minister. … Aram Roston of Buzzfeed, Spencer Ackerman of the Daily Beast, and The Intercept’s Matthew Cole join Jeremy for a discussion on Trump’s new covert action czar on the National Security Council and his past work for Blackwater’s Erik Prince on the CIA assassination program. They also discuss Ackerman’s report that the mysterious death of a Green Beret in Mali came after the soldier allegedly discovered Navy SEALs were stealing money. WikiLeaks slid into Donald Trump Jr.’s DMs. The media went crazy. Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy analyze what the messages actually say and how they have been portrayed in the media. Glenn also blasts the Justice Department’s order that the Russian-funded news organization, RT, registers as a foreign agent. And we talk to two newly elected Democrats who stunningly upset red seats in Virginia’s elections.” [various formats] (11/15/17)

Electric Libertyland, episode 46

Electric Libertyland

Source: Lions of Liberty

“On this week’s ELL, Brian strips down the Louis C.K. dick wagging scandal plus Roy Moore’s alleged molestation of a teenaged girl, and how the loudest voices for morality and social reform often hide dark demons. Brian then looks into the latest developments in the assault on Rand Paul, a possible war between Saudi Arabia and Iran (and how the U.S. could be sucked in) and finishes up with a hilarious battle between two sets of undercover Detroit cops. Boogie oogie, oogie.” [various formats] (11/15/17)

Essential Libertarianism, episode 13

Essential Libertarianism

Source: Pax Libertas Productions

“Whacha Gonna Do? Excerpts from a speech by Gene Sharp.” [various formats] (11/15/17)

Free Talk Live, 11/14/17

Source: Free Talk Live

“Homicide Rates in the US Meaningless :: Needing Guns :: DOJ Angry About Encryption :: Libertarian Caucus Walks Out of NH House :: NJ Weedman Found Not Guilty :: DASH to Replace Bitcoin in the Marketplace? :: Libertarian Nationalist :: Bitcoin Sides :: Keynesianism and Austrian Economics :: HOSTS — Ian, Mark, Johnson.” [Flash audio or MP3] (11/14/17)

Punk Rock Libertarians Podcast, episode 136

Source: The Daily Liberator

“We got multiple Phils on this one! Topics include Bitcoin, Veteran’s Day, possible modifications of an AR-15 and more!” [various formats] (11/14/17)

Liberty Chronicles Podcast, episode 30


“The Haitian Revolution, with Jason Kuznicki.” [various formats] (11/14/17)

The Libertarian Angle, 11/14/17

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation

“FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling talk about President Trump’s folly in the realm of free trade.” [various formats] (11/14/17)

Cato Daily Podcast, 11/13/17

Source: Cato Institute

“Government control over air travel is still onerous, and that can limit both choice and the safety of travel. Gary Leff of the Mercatus Center and the blog View from the Wing discusses the latest fight over air travel.” [various formats] (11/13/17)

Freedom Feens Radio, 11/14/17

Source: Freedom Feens Radio

“Michael W. Dean, Darrel Becker and new Feen cult member Kal Molinet discuss economics, Pussy Galore, cats, baby pumas on the Freedom Fence, plus (spoiler alert!) Rick &/or Morty.” [various formats] (11/14/17)

Free Talk Live, 11/13/17

Source: Free Talk Live

“US Govt Demands RT Register as Foreign Agent :: Voluntary Government :: Libertarians Moving to New Hampshire :: California Sucks for Freedom :: Defending Yourself In Jail :: No Shave November Under Attack :: Potential Breakup :: DASH Mining :: Degeneracy? :: Melanie’s Biggest Fan Proposes On-Air! :: Edgington Post AFTERSHOW — Debate Between Greg in NY and Libertarian Banker :: HOSTS — Ian, Mark, Melanie.” [Flash audio or MP3] (11/13/17)