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We Are Libertarians, episode 229

We Are Libertarians

Source: We Are Libertarians

"Chris Spangle and Harry Price detail Rand Paul’s return to the news in his opposition to war funding and Trumpcare, Trump’s lawyers revealing secret information to a reporter on accident, and the St. Louis protest against the acquittal of a white police officer killing a black man." [various formats] (09/20/17)

PanAm Podcast, 09/20/17

Source: PanAm Post

"This week’s bombshell revelations that the FBI opened, suspended, and then reopened an investigation involving wiretapping and surveillance of former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort have dominated political headlines. The 're-opening' of an investigation sounds all too familiar … in fact Hillary Clinton claims that she would be president today, were it not for James Comey’s controversial decision to reopen the Clinton email investigation mere days before the election." [Flash video] (09/20/17)

The Tom Woods Show, episode 1005

Source: The Tom Woods Show

"Is it really true that the American standard of living is falling, and that our children will be worse off than we are? Martin Feldstein challenged this view in the Wall Street Journal. Jeff Herbener joins me to discuss it." [various formats] (09/20/17)

Freedom Feens Radio, 09/20/17

Source: Freedom Feens Radio

"Jeremy Heisenberg and Michael W. Dean talk Gary Numan, hippie deodorants, and the similarities and differences between Asperger’s and Narcissistic Personality Disorder." [various formats] (09/20/17)

Electric Libertyland, episode 38

Electric Libertyland

Source: Lions of Liberty

"In this week’s episode of Electric Libertyland, host Brian McWilliams gives his take on the Trumpian circle-jerk that was the 2017 Emmy Awards, and how politics and entertainment need to take a break from each other. He then turns towards more serious topics including the utter failure of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing programs, the GOP’s last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare (kind of) with the Graham-Cassidy plan, the state of the 1st Amendment, new climate research and an idiotic idea in the UK to limit voting rights based on internet trolling." [various formats] (09/20/17)

Intercepted, 09/20/17

Source: The Intercept

"This week on Intercepted, Jeremy weighs in on Trump’s threats and the massive military budget the Democrats just gave him. Journalist Gary Rivlin takes us deep inside the world of Goldman Sachs and how Trump’s top economic adviser helped fuel the subprime mortgage catastrophe that crashed the economy. Poet Aja Monet performs and discusses her ideas of justice, womanhood, and racism. The Intercept’s Alice Speri investigates the militarization of police and how Israel is training American cops. Plus, Donald Trump stars in American Psycho." [various formats] (09/20/17)

Free Talk Live, 09/19/17

Source: Free Talk Live

"Cops Chanting 'Whose Streets Our Streets' :: Cleaning out the Future MALIC Center :: Will's Vision for the Community :: Haters Already Hating :: The Respectables and the Police :: Blocking Streets :: Get a Job :: Buying Cryptocoin :: Ricky :: First Bitcoin-Accepting Mosque :: Catalonia Secession :: More on the MALIC Center :: Scientology :: Muslims and Tolerance :: Sharia Law :: HOSTS — Ian, Johnson, Will Coley." [Flash audio or MP3] (09/19/17)

The Jason Stapleton Program, episode 652

Source: The Jason Stapleton Program

"I had intended to talk about Facebook today, but I ran off in so many different directions that I never got around to it. Today we’re going to talk about Trump’s recent speech at the UN, Hillary’s continuous campaign to blame everyone but herself for the election loss and we’re going to chat about a San Diego professor who handed out extra credit to anyone who’d take a white privilege survey." [various formats] (09/19/17)

Liberty Chronicles Podcast, episode 22


"Spanish America was part of an empire in name. Missionaries expanded the frontier zone, but they never really controlled it." [various formats] (09/19/17)

The Libertarian Angle, 09/19/17

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation

"FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling join the conversation on Vietnam following the release of the Ken Burns documentary." [various formats] (09/19/17)