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The [email protected] Stir Podcast, episode 129

Source: [email protected]

“In this episode: Local politics :: Thanks For Asking! (RIP Chris Cornell; Trump freak show; Nazis in the woods; stupid LP resolutions; climate change; F*cking limey libertarians; Marshall McLuhan revisited) :: Putting my platform shoes back on.” [various formats] (05/24/17)

Foreign Policy Focus, episode 44

Foreign Policy Focus

Source: Foreign Policy Focus

“On FPF #44, I discuss the terror attack in Manchester. The man who carried out the attack was of Libyan descent. Libya has been turned into Hell since a US-led NATO war destroyed the country. Libya is now a failed state with slavery and warring governments. The US-backed government is committing war crimes and huge numbers of refugees reporting being raped or sexually assaulted. The Manchester Terror Attack was an example of blowback. Politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama created the situation that led to this terror attack.” [various formats] (05/24/17)

Cato Daily Podcast, 05/24/17

Source: Cato Institute

“How we choose to talk about politics can explain a lot about what motivates our reasoning toward political issues. Arnold Kling is author of The Three Languages of Politics.” [various formats] (05/24/17)

The Libertarian Angle, 05/24/17

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation

“FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling talk about the great economists and libertarians Frederic Bastiat and Henry Hazlitt.” [various formats] (05/24/17)

The Jason Stapleton Program, episode 607

Source: The Jason Stapleton Program

“Former CIA Director John Brennan was on Capital Hill yesterday speaking in front of the House Intelligence Committee. His comments about the Trump campaign (or people working for the campaign) raises concerns over possible collusion between Russia and the campaign. But Brennan went far short of suggesting there was collusion or that Trump was in any way involved in the communications. I’ve got the highlights of the hearing for you on today’s show as well as some witty commentary.” (05/24/17)

Intercepted, 05/24/17

Source: The Intercept

“The Intercept’s new D.C. Bureau Chief Ryan Grim and national security reporter Matthew Cole discuss Gen. Michael Flynn, Erik Prince, and whether anyone in the Trump administration realizes how insane their boss actually is. And singer Steve Earle premieres a new song and discusses his activism against the death penalty.” [various formats] (05/24/17)

Electric Libertyland, episode 21

Lions of Liberty

Source: Lions of Liberty

“In this week’s Electric Libertyland, Brian McWilliams fights a brutal cold and his utter distain for President Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia, looking at The Donald’s touching of the ‘orb,’ his award from the Saudi King, US arms sales and then finishes up by touching on Rand Paul’s efforts to fight mandatory minimums, and Julien Assange.” [various formats] (05/24/17)

Free Talk Live, 05/23/17

Source: Free Talk Live

“Trump Proposed Budget :: Man Calls from Psych Ward :: Government Debt :: Minefield Cat :: Manchester Bombing :: Troops in Streets :: JP Freeman Arrested :: Schisms in the Liberty Movement :: Taxes and Organizational Structure :: Gameplay Video Streaming :: Ad Revenue :: Bombing Motivations :: HOSTS — Ian, Mark, Johnson.” [various formats] (05/23/17)

The Tom Woods Show, 05/23/17

Source: The Tom Woods Show

“The perpetually aggrieved have recently settled upon various Confederate monuments, particularly in New Orleans, as the next thing to be destroyed. Given the level of American discourse (a word I use laughingly in this context), anyone saying a word against this is of course condemned with all the usual low-IQ language of the left. Rev. Larry Beane, pastor of Salem Lutheran Church in Gretna, Louisiana, and historian Brion McClanahan, join me for the discussion.” [various formats] (05/23/17)

Cato Daily Podcast, 05/22/17

Source: Cato Institute

“What does Attorney General Jeff Sessions want to get out of harsher prosecutions? Kevin Ring of Families Against Mandatory Minimums comments.” [various formats] (05/22/17)