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Listen to my conversation with Sam Harris about President Trump

Scott Adams

Source: Scott Adams Blog
by Scott Adams

"By popular demand, I had a two-hour conversation with Sam Harris (a prominent Trump critic) about our different 'filters' on our new president. The Haters of Imaginary Events are out in force already. They imagine I said objectionable things during my conversation with Sam and they tweet about their hallucinations in anger. So far, no one has accurately stated my opinion before criticizing it. That’s a tell for cognitive dissonance. I’ll be making those monkeys dance today on my Twitter feed." [editor's note: Scott first appears at about 3:30, but Harris does a fair job of framing it all; however, be prepared for Sam to talk a lot as it goes (and to fail to counter most of what Adams says); it is LONG (over two hours) but well worth a listen – SAT] [Flash audio] (07/19/17)

Freedom Feens Radio, 07/19/17

Source: Freedom Feens Radio

"Bradon X and jeremy Heisenberg get together to discuss the joys of camping, the recent death by cop in Minnesota, the alleged rise of attacks on cops in Colorado, Jeff Sessions trying to make civil asset forfeiture even worse, Washington Republicans calling for civil disobedience, double standards in kid surgeries, and crazy community service for free WiFi." [various formats] (07/19/17)

Free Talk Live, 07/18/17

Source: Free Talk Live

"Man Shoots Self in Penis :: Elon Musk Calls for Regulation of AI :: Destructive, Soul-Crushing Government :: Evil Billionaires? :: Bitcoin Shoppe Opens in New Hampshire :: Bitcoin Mining :: Bitcoin Soft Fork :: NH Decriminalizes Cannabis! :: Old Alex Jones :: Chemical Warfare :: Kurzweil on AI :: Facebook and Sarah :: Rebels Make More Money :: HOSTS – Ian, Mark, Johnson." [Flash audio or MP3] (07/18/17)

Is she 2020's Gary Johnson?

Source: Salon

"Libertarian Mary Ruwart talks about ending the war on drugs and the possibility of running for president." [Flash video] (07/18/17)

The Jason Stapleton Program, episode 630

Source: The Jason Stapleton Program

"Repeal and replace is now finished and the Senate is having trouble mustering the votes just to bring a repeal bill up for debate. At this point, it’s safe to say the congress is incapable of functioning." [various] (07/18/17)

Dankertarians Podcast, episode 3


Source: Dankertarians

"We sit down with Paul Stanton, a former candidate for Senate for the Libertarian Party in Florida about Augustus Sol Invictus and Austin Petersen switching over to the Republican Party, the condemnation of white nationalism in the LP and much more!" [Flash video] (07/18/17)

How citizens can fix healthcare (now that Congress failed)

Scott Adams

Source: Scott Adams Blog

"Congress just proved something that we all suspected: They are the wrong tool for fixing health care. The topic is too complicated, the politics are too corrosive, and the money interests are too strong. That’s why citizens will step in and fill the gap with their own proposals. I expect to see a number of citizen-created health care proposals emerge soon. To that end, I thought I would get the ball rolling by framing the problem in this short 4-minute video. This is how any large business would approach the problem of spiraling healthcare costs." (07/18/17)

"Maddow's dots may never connect": Left-wing author blasts Trump-Russia narrative

Source: Fox News

"While many on the left continue to accuse President Trump and his administration of colluding with the Russians, one well-known progressive thinker said such actions hurt their cause. Author Max Blumenthal said he's skeptical of the Russia narrative, remarking that 'Rachel Maddow's dots may never connect.' Maddow, an MSNBC host, has been one of the president's top critics in the media when it comes to the Russia narrative. (Interviewed on Tucker Carlson Tonight)" [Video] [editor's note: This is a must-see to counter the claims that the "left" is all "all-in" on the Russkie story – SAT] (07/18/17)

The Tom Woods Show, episode 953

Source: The Tom Woods Show

"West Virginia state legislator Pat McGeehan, who comes endorsed by Ron Paul, has been the sole 'No' vote in the legislature for years, but has also scored numerous legislative victories — so he was thrown out of the Republican Caucus. He shared his insights about success and holding fast to principle that apply to people in all walks of life." [various formats] (07/17/17)

Foreign Policy Focus, episode 67

Foreign Policy Focus

Source: Foreign Policy Focus

"On FPF #67, I discuss the liberation of Mosul. Several officials have said the battle for Mosul is over, but fighting continues. I consider the media's lack of coverage of the destruction on Mosul. I also update Syria and Yemen." [various formats] (07/17/17)