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Well, Hurricane Irma passed through without any harm to me or my family, but with some harm to our house (a tree caved in part of the roof). I'm writing this by lantern light, on a laptop connecting to the Internet via a cell phone hot spot, said cell phone hooked to a charger powered by a generator at the church where I'm sheltering. Less than ideal conditions, and also limits to data and power usage.

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Antifa has backed its message with violence for decades in Europe

Source: Reason
by Fredrik Segerfeldt

"It is a cold and dark January night in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna. Fredrik Nyqvist and a friend are walking home from the founding meeting of the local section of the minuscule Libertarian Party. Suddenly, four men in black clothes and facemasks show up, knocking the two unconscious. One of the offenders later bragged about jumping on Fredrik's head, causing injuries that kept him hospitalized for days. The two libertarians had no way of identifying the perpetrators and assumed it was just a regular criminal incident. They could not know they had just become victims of political terrorism. But they would soon find out. At his home a couple of days later, a third party member received a note from a group claiming responsibility for the attack, and was warned: We hereby give you a chance to terminate all political activities. Failing to do so, you may be the next one to be physically reminded of the consequences of pursuing anti-working class policies." (09/08/17)

CO: Man who claimed he was stabbed after being mistaken for a neo-Nazi was lying

Source: BuzzFeed

"A man who claimed that he was stabbed after being mistaken for a neo-Nazi now admits that he made the whole story up after accidentally stabbing himself. Joshua Witt, 26, told police two weeks ago that he was getting out of his car in the parking lot of a Steak ‘n Shake in Sheridan, Colorado, when a man came over to him and attacked him with a knife. On Monday, the Sheridan Police Department told BuzzFeed News in a statement that Witt admitted to making the story up after police confronted him with evidence that the attack never took place." [hat tip to dL for this new development in the original story we ran recently] (08/20/17)