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US drone killing machine now on autopilot

Source: Antiwar.com
by Laurie Calhoun

"The incineration of military-age men using missiles launched from drones has become so frequent and commonplace that US citizens, including legislators, did not blink an eye at the fact that the killing machine set in motion by President Obama is now effectively on autopilot. It's worth remembering that, once upon a time, acts of war were to be approved by the congress. Now even acephalic agencies such as the directorless CIA are permitted to use weapons of war to kill anyone whom they deem to be worthy of death." (01/24/17)


What the clemency of Chelsea Manning means about Obama

Source: Antiwar.com
by Lucy Steigerwald

"The Barack Obama who ordered drone assassinations of American citizens, including — allegedly by mistake — that of a 16-year-old, and who went after whistleblowers with particular enthusiasm seems like a strange man to have passed out this mercy after Manning spent seven years behind bars. However, if you'll pardon the attempted psychoanalyzing, as an act of the Obama who likes to think of himself as a man of the people, and a civil libertarian, and someone who did drugs, and got away with it, while others weren't so lucky, well, it's not as surprising. And it's not as radical a move as some people might be interpreting it." (01/20/17)


Five Obama administration accomplishments libertarians might appreciate

Source: Reason
by Ed Krayewski

"The Obama administration has been defined by a lot of big, dumb fails, including the 2009 stimulus, Obamacare, and a failure to contain the Islamic State (ISIS). President Obama and the Democrats spent their period of single-party control (2009-2010) successfully pushing a progressive agenda that locked in rising debt levels and led to massive electoral losses in 2010 and beyond. For much of his presidency he was hostile to state experiments in drug legalization, he dragged his feet on marriage equality, and he left a legacy of hundreds of new onerous federal regulations. His administration avoided transparency, politicized numerous issues, and often ignored root policy problems. In foreign policy especially, the Obama administration careened from one disaster to another …. Nevertheless, the Obama administration did accomplish some things that just might hold up from a libertarian perspective." (01/19/17)


Obama's wasted, deadly, and destructive presidency

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

"Libertarians never had any hope, of course, that Barack Obama would dismantle any aspect of the welfare state. … Where libertarians (and lots of liberals) had hope was that Obama would change the direction that the George W. Bush administration had set for America with respect to foreign policy and civil liberties. After all, Obama had made a big deal of having opposed Bush's war on Iraq. On the campaign trail he also emphasized his supposed deep commitment to civil liberties, especially given his legal understanding of constitutional principles. Alas, no change." (01/19/17)


Thank you, President Obama

Source: Town Hall
by Derek Hunter

"This is it, the last full day of President Barack Obama’s tenure. Damn, it feels better than I thought it would. Forgive my smile as I type. As President Obama makes his way out the door like a drunk who has been tossed from a bar and is determined to smash every glass on his way out, it’s important to take a moment to reflect upon all the good he’s done while he occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Yes, you read that right – thank you, President Obama. No man has done more to both discredit Democrats and elect Republicans than he has over the last eight years. More than 1,000 elected Democrats are now experiencing first-hand the joys of looking for work in the Obama economy, with roughly 4,000 more political appointees set to join them tomorrow. Were it not for Barack Obama, Democrats might still control the House and/or the Senate." (01/19/17)


After pressure from Bernie Sanders, Puerto Rican independence activist wins commutation

Source: Washington Post

"Oscar Lopez Rivera, a Puerto Rican independence activist convicted 35 years ago of a conspiracy against the U.S. government, will be freed from prison after President Obama commuted his sentence. Although lower-profile than the pardon of Chelsea Manning, the U.S. soldier convicted of giving classified information to WikiLeaks, the Rivera pardon has another distinction — it was personally campaigned for by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)." (01/17/17)


Obama commutes bulk of political prisoner Chelsea Manning's sentence

Source: New York Times

"President Obama on Tuesday largely commuted the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the army intelligence analyst convicted of an enormous 2010 leak that revealed American military and diplomatic activities across the world, disrupted the administration, and made WikiLeaks, the recipient of those disclosures, famous. The decision by Mr. Obama rescued Ms. Manning, who twice tried to commit suicide last year, from an uncertain future as a transgender woman incarcerated at the male military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan." (01/17/17)


A plea to President Obama: Pardon Edward Snowden

Source: The New Republic
by Brian Beutler

"The constitutional pardon power is best known for its association with historic events like Watergate, which is why it is generally discussed in terms of the worthiness of its beneficiaries, rather than the god-like authority it vests in the president alone. There are only theoretical restrictions on the scope of federal lawbreaking the president has the power to forgive. But precisely because the power is so broadly applicable, and so narrowly held, its potential for abuse is tightly circumscribed by politics. Presidents might be tempted to pardon many people, but few want to answer for why this or that high-profile felon or suspect deserves leniency when others don’t. … President Barack Obama has been relatively stingy with the pardon power over the past eight years, but he has an important opportunity in this final week of his presidency to use the power in a way that pays lasting political dividends, and signals his belief that the Trump era will be a trying one for liberal democracy." (01/17/17)


Obama is not your saviour

Source: spiked
by Sean Collins

"The stress on Obama the individual means that, as Obama now departs the White House, there is an unwillingness to address his real record in office. His supporters tend to talk all about his dignity, the lack of scandals, his beautiful wife and daughters, and little about his actions or policy achievements. The most hardcore of Obama fans are too tearful and bereft even to think about politics. Having considered him a 'psychologist-in-chief,' who makes us 'feel good,' they see his departure as something far more wounding than the usual changing of the political guard, and they are at a loss as to how to respond." (01/17/17)


Reflections on Barack Obama: A great and disappointing President

Source: In These Times
by Salim Muwakkil

"Eight years ago, many African Americans (including me) entered a state of near-delirium when a first-term U.S. senator from Illinois was elected the first black president of the United States. I watched that election unfold just blocks from the new president’s house, in Chicago’s upscale Kenwood neighborhood, in a home full of politically hardened black baby boomers. Tears were visible in most eyes. Few of us had believed we’d live long enough to see a black POTUS. Barack Hussein Obama’s victory seemed to vindicate the heroic struggles of so many unnamed ancestors. That symbolism was potent, and it encouraged the error of conflating black Americans’ ongoing civil rights struggle with a presidential campaign — in other words, confusing the lane of racial activism with that of electoral politics. But this lane confusion was also an indispensable aspect of Obama’s rise, and that of many other black politicians: an intentional hybrid of campaign and crusade." [editor's note: Nice to see a "progressive" taking him to task for his failures – SAT] (01/16/17)