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A war on teachers? Let’s hope so.

Source: Reason
by JD Tuccille

“‘Are Trump and DeVos waging a war on teachers?’ asks the Center for American Progress (CAP). A little reading reveals that by ‘teachers,’ the painfully establishmentarian CAP means one-size-fits-few, government-run institutions. Given that such institutions have spent decades waging their own sort of hostilities against children, innovation, and choice, we should certainly hope that the new Education Secretary has some sort of pushback in mind to give kids a better chance at a real education. What gets CAP so hot and bothered is that Secretary Betsy DeVos is a fan of allowing families to make decisions about their children’s education with something like the freedom they exercise when deciding on food, clothing, housing, and most other areas of life.” (06/13/17)


Stealing to reform or transform — what’s the big diff?

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“[T]he money pouring into our ‘public schools’ every day has already been stolen. All DeVos is doing is changing who ultimately gets it. Someone once remarked (perhaps Mark Twain) that every election is just an advance auction of stolen goods. Nowhere is that more true than in our government-run, theft-funded institutions of ‘learning.’ Local, state, and federal tax money pours into an ever-expanding, always empty hole, and comes out … where? Actually, all that tax money already goes into the pockets of private businesses and private individuals. Did you know that public school teachers get PAID for their work?” (05/28/17)


FL: DeVos met with protests at historically black college’s graduation

Source: The Hill

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was met with protests Wednesday while giving a commencement speech at a historically black college in Daytona Beach, Fla. Students and faculty at Bethune-Cookman University loudly booed DeVos when she was presented with an honorary doctorate degree before she began her address. In response, faculty on the stage stood and applauded to show their support for DeVos. … The protests come as DeVos and President Trump are under fire for potential changes to a federal program that helps historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to finance construction on their campuses.” (05/10/17)


School choice hypocrisy

Source: Authority!
by Timothy J Taylor

“There should be no public taxpayer supported schools. All education programs should be voluntary. There should be no government compulsory education schemes. All education should be a matter of choice. And taxpayers should not be obligated to pay for those choices. But some education statists want to make the choices for their own children while denying education choice for others. They seek to force most children to attend public schools where they’ll be indoctrinated with the government agenda, while they send their own children to private schools of their choice. They practice school choice hypocrisy. Sen. Al Franken, a statist Democrat from Minnesota, is one of them.” (03/16/17)


DeVos’s stumbles right out of the gate nothing to laugh about

Source: Our Future
by Jeff Bryant

“The Trump administration’s national security scandals may have obscured Betsy DeVos’s rough start as the new Secretary of Education, but her stumbles right out the gate reveal disturbing characteristics of her leadership. Unfortunately, the least significant gaffe is the one that has gotten the most notoriety so far. As Politico reports, ‘In quoting civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois, the Department of Education on Sunday sent out a tweet misspelling his name as ‘DeBois.’ And then it sent out an apology that misspelled the word ‘apologies’ as ‘apologizes.” … Nevertheless, there are gaffes, and then there are disturbing omens of what may be in store for the nation’s schools under the Trump-DeVos regime.” (02/15/17)


The misguided attacks on Betsy DeVos

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“Let’s assume that the critics had their way. Let’s find the most competent and most knowledgeable public school principal in the country and appoint him or her to run the Department of Education. Would public schooling then be improved? Nope. Nothing would change. The dismal results would be the same. This is what these people just don’t get. It doesn’t matter who is selected to run the Department of Education. The results at the public-school level are going to be just as bad and grow progressively worse. There is a simple reason for that: public schooling, like all socialist institutions, is an inherently defective paradigm. Something that is inherently defective cannot be fixed. Attempts to fix it inevitably just makes it worse.” (02/10/17)


Pence casts tie-breaking vote to confirm DeVos as US Secretary of Education

Source: CNN

“Vice President Mike Pence cast a historic tie-breaking vote Tuesday to confirm Betsy DeVos as the next education secretary after the Senate was evenly divided over the controversial pick. The 51-50 vote ends Trump’s toughest confirmation battle yet. Senate Democrats debated through the night and into Tuesday morning in a last-ditch attempt to derail DeVos, buoyed by support from Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine.” (02/07/17)


US Senate: DeVos foes in furious push to defeat nomination, still one vote short

Source: Fox News

“Teachers unions, advocacy groups and others are jamming Senate phone lines, funding TV ads and rallying on the ground to stop Betsy DeVos from becoming President Trump’s secretary of Education. But their efforts, at least for now, appear to be coming up one vote short. With her final Senate confirmation vote set for Tuesday at noon, the chamber still seems locked in a 50-50 split on the nomination. If that happens, Vice President Pence is expected to cast a historic, tie-breaking vote to confirm her. This scenario has DeVos'[s] critics going into overdrive in a bid to peel off one more Republican to vote nay.” [editor’s note: This is a controversy, while Sessions as AG only raises eyes among libertarians – SAT] (02/06/17)


Will the Senate reject DeVos?

Source: Our Future
by Jeff Bryant

“Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of education, got awful reviews for her performance during her confirmation hearing. But no one predicted her confirmation was anything less than a sure deal. Now, suddenly, she’s in big trouble. The DeVos unraveling started late Wednesday when two Republican Senators who voted DeVos out of committee, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, said they can’t back DeVos in a full Senate vote. Today, Republicans are scrambling to save her nomination by moving up Senate cloture vote to Friday with a confirmation vote by the full Senate ‘likely the first vote of next week,’ according to a report from Roll Call, to ‘avoid working on the weekend of the Super Bowl.’ Should the Senate vote result in a 50-50 tie, Roll Call notes, Vice President Mike Pence would cast the deciding vote to confirm her.” [editor’s note: It is still amazing how much more opposition there is to her than to Sessions as AG – SAT] (02/02/17)


DeVos nomination stands at 50-50

Source: Politico

“Betsy DeVos has no votes to spare heading into a looming confirmation vote next week. Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski said Wednesday they will vote against the Education Department nominee. That could very well mean a 50-50 standoff on the Senate floor — and Vice President Mike Pence being called in to put DeVos over the top. Republicans have a 52-48 majority, and no Democrats are expected to support the prospective education chief.” (02/01/17)