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UK: Ministers conclude crunch Brexit talks at Chequers

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Theresa May and her senior ministers met for eight hours at the PM’s country retreat in the latest attempt to settle the government’s approach to Brexit. The group of 11 were at Chequers to decide how closely the EU and UK should align after exit day in March 2019. Downing Street said the prime minister would ‘set out the way forward’ in a speech next week, after a discussion by the full cabinet.” (02/22/18)


UK: May calls for Brexit transition to be extended indefinitel

Source: Business Insider

“The UK government has called for the EU to discuss extending the Brexit transition period indefinitely beyond December 2020, in a move that is likely to enrage Conservative Brexiteers. The EU has previously insisted that Britain must be fully out of the EU by December 31, 2020, meaning a transition period would not be able to go beyond 20 months. However, a version of the UK’s Brexit transition guidelines leaked to Business Insider, calls on the EU to discuss leaving this end date open indefinitely.” (02/21/18)


UK: New party inspired by France’s Macron seeks to overturn Brexit

Source: US News & World Report

“A new British political party inspired by French President Emmanuel Macron’s rise to power launched a national electoral campaign on Monday aimed at stopping Brexit. The Renew party, which was founded last year after Macron’s En Marche! movement propelled him to power, said it would seek to stoke debate on Brexit and accused Britain’s main parties of losing touch with voters who feel abandoned by the elite.” (02/19/18)


It’s the Remainers who are the conspiracy theorists

Source: spiked
by Tim Black

“Given the overwhelming sense among too many members of our chastened political and cultural elite that Brexit was a conspiracy drawn up by a cabal of old men, probably backed by shadowy Russian cash, it should come as no surprise that the solution proffered has a nasty historical undertone. As pro-EU Labour peer Lord Adonis put it in a piece on those ‘behind’ Brexit in the New European: ‘Britain needs not only a change of policy but a complete purification. Let’s hope it is not too painful.’ A purification? Have these people listened to themselves?” (02/15/18)


The EU is no friend of Irish independence

Source: spiked
by Mick Hume

“As a freedom-loving democrat, I have long supported the view that Ireland should be one united, 32-county sovereign republic. But, as a freedom-loving democrat, I am fiercely opposed to any attempt via the European Union to impose some bureaucratic version of ‘Irish unity’ in order to undermine Brexit. That would be a serious attack on sovereignty and democracy in both Britain and Ireland.” (02/14/18)


Leaked regime report: UK will be “worse off” in every Brexit scenario

Source: Hindustan Times [India]

“Rival groups in the Brexit debate came to a head again on Tuesday after a leaked official analysis claimed that Brexit will leave the United Kingdom worse off. BuzzFeed reported that the analysis by the department for exiting the European Union … looked at three possible Brexit scenarios. All scenarios suggested that the country’s economy will take a hit outside the EU. It said the UK’s national income would be 8% lower under a ‘no deal’ scenario, around 5% lower with a free trade agreement with the EU and about 2% lower with a soft Brexit option of single market membership over a 15-year period. The analysis, allegedly leaked by pro-EU elements in the government, was promptly dismissed by pro-Brexit MPs, who called it ‘highly suspicious,’ while it added more grist to the anti-Brexit forces who are keen to ensure as close a link with the EU as possible.” (01/30/18)


Free trade and Brexit can help Africa flourish

Source: Acton Institute
by Ibrahim B Anoba

“In early 2018, all 54 member-states of the African Union (AU) will sign an agreement for a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) to make Africa the world’s largest common market. The CFTA could increase trade within the region by an unprecedented 50 percent and create about $35 billion in benefits. This is necessary, as intra-African trade only constitutes 18 percent of the continent’s total trade — an abysmal rating compared to the European Union’s (EU) 70 percent. But a well-implemented free trade treaty could increase trade and benefit the ever-growing population of the continent with more material resources. It would also likely give Africa an advantage in negotiating more equitable agreements with the EU.” (01/16/18)


UK: Farage backs fresh Brexit referendum to “kill off” issue

Source: The Guardian [UK]

“Nigel Farage has proposed a second referendum on leaving the EU to settle the issue for a generation, as he believes the result would be the same again. The former Ukip leader suggested another poll would ultimately kill off the campaign for Brexit to be reversed, which is championed by remainers such as Tony Blair, Andrew Adonis and Nick Clegg. … Farage immediately won support from his ally Arron Banks, the prominent Brexit supporter who helped bankroll one of the leave campaigns. ‘If we do not act radically now, we will sleepwalk into a faux Brexit, in name only,’ he said. ‘True Brexiteers have been backed into a corner and the only option now is to go back to the polls and let the people shout from the rooftops their support of a true Brexit. Leave would win by a landslide.'” (01/11/18)


Brexit — everything changes so it can stay the same?

Source: Independent Institute
by Alvaro Varga Llosa

“If we want everything to remain the same, everything must change. These famous words from The Leopard, Lampedusa’s masterpiece of social upheaval in Sicily during the Italian unification, might as well have been inspired by Brexit, to judge by the first phase of the negotiations between London and the European Union, which have finally produced an agreement. The terms of the agreement are these: London will pay the EU about 40 billion pounds; Europeans living in British territory can stay (and vice versa); and the border between Northern Ireland, which belongs to the United Kingdom, and Ireland, which belongs to the EU, will be soft. It remains to define what ‘soft’ means, but since London has agreed to ‘align’ its norms with those of the union to ensure that there will not be a ‘hard’ border, clearly the outcome will resemble the current situation.” (12/20/17)


God, Brexit, and EUtopia, part 3

Source: Acton Institute
by Stephen F Copp

“Faced with the rising power of the EU, many will be tempted to succumb and bow their knee to it. Yet Christian theology was forged in the furnace of the brute power of the Roman Empire. The apocalyptic writer John responded in graphic terms, seeing hope one day in a new heaven, a new earth, even a New Jerusalem — a beautiful city, shining with God’s glory, as brilliant as a precious jewel, made of pure gold — together with healing of the nations. Even in the worst of adversity, there is hope. It may be the eleventh hour, but it is not too late for Europe to turn back from the folly on which it embarked in the 1950s.” (12/18/17)