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UK: Labour divisions exposed as conference vote on Brexit ruled out

Source: Daily Mail [UK]

“Labour divisions over Europe erupted after conference delegates agreed not to push the issue of Brexit to a vote. The decision meant Jeremy Corbyn avoided a divisive clash over Labour’s Brexit policy on the conference floor at the gathering in Brighton. But anger boiled over among pro-EU MPs, with one branding the decision ‘f***ing ridiculous’ while a member of Mr Corbyn’s frontbench team said the decision was ‘strange.’ The pro-Corbyn Momentum movement had used its special conference mobile app to suggest that supporters should back other topics for a vote rather than a Brexit motion.” (09/24/17)


UK: May seeks to unite divided cabinet before big Brexit speech

Source: Washington Post

“Prime Minister Theresa May tried to unite her fractious Cabinet behind her plan to reboot faltering Brexit negotiations Thursday, as senior European Union officials suggested British hopes of moving the divorce talks on to a new phase next month might be dashed. May gathered ministers to reveal details of a speech she will deliver in Florence, Italy on Friday. The British leader has chosen one of the historic hearts of Europe as the location for an address that the government says will stress Britain’s desire for a close and special relationship with the bloc after Brexit. EU leaders want more than warm words — they want details.” (09/21/17)


Brexit’s dangers

Source: Cato Unbound
by Sam Bowman

“Most people did not vote to Leave for classical liberal reasons. The ‘control’ of Brexit is more likely to lead to more extensive government and less freedom for Britons. And the economic losses of Brexit are real and likely to get worse. The costs and risks of Brexit are much greater than Dan suggests, and the future bleaker. We cannot plan for a freer future without acknowledging the difficult path ahead of us.” (09/18/17)


Brexit is the start, not the end, of the process

Source: Cato Unbound
by Ryan Bourne

“Though economics was not the deciding factor in the referendum, it is clearly the area where bad negotiations could mess things up now. Theresa May’s government desires a comprehensive free-trade agreement with the EU to replace its current trading relationship, but this may take longer to agree than the 2-year formal negotiations allow. For that reason, most sensible Brexiteers accept the need for a period of transition — a glide path from one set of trading arrangements to another. The frequent question we ‘Economists for Brexit’ get asked though is whether the UK can be an economic success outside of the European Union in the longer-term. That this is even asked seriously is bizarre.” (09/15/17)


Sell democracy to the EU? No deal

Source: spiked
by Mick Hume

“Chief EU negotiator Michael Barnier threatens to ‘teach people’ that leaving the Single Market must have ‘extremely serious consequences.’ European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker says Britain will soon be made to ‘regret’ voting to Leave the European Union. To some of us, EU officials’ attitude towards Brexit negotiations sounds increasingly like the imperious statements of British and French statesmen at the end of the First World War.” (09/13/17)


Brexit explained

Source: Cato Unbound
by Daniel Hannan

“The British problem — or, from a UK perspective, the European problem — is easily stated. The British people always wanted a common market in Europe, not a common government.” (09/11/17)


Remainers’ pro-migrant mask is slipping

Source: spiked
by Tim Black

“If there was ever any doubt that the pro-EU brigade’s support for immigration was little more than a virtuous veneer painted on to the technocratic reality of the EU, then that must surely have been dispelled by the latest intervention into the Brexitverse by ex-prime minister and prominent EUphile Tony Blair. At the weekend, Blair announced, by way of a report produced by his grandly, blandly named Institute for Global Change, that the UK can introduce stronger immigration-control measures and remain in the EU. In other words, so committed is Blair to the EU that he is prepared to drop any pretence of supporting the principle of freedom of movement if it means the UK can remain in the EU clubhouse.” (09/12/17)


UK: EU repeal bill wins first Commons vote

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“The government’s bid to extract the UK from EU law in time for Brexit has passed its first parliamentary test. MPs backed the EU Withdrawal Bill by 326 votes to 290 despite critics warning that it represented a ‘power grab’ by ministers. The bill, which will end the supremacy of EU law in the UK, now moves onto its next parliamentary stage. Ministers sought to reassure MPs by considering calls for safeguards over their use of new powers.” (09/11/17)


UK: Davis warns of chaotic Brexit if lawmakers block bill

Source: Bloomberg

“Brexit Secretary David Davis warned U.K. lawmakers that if they block a key piece of domestic legislation on Monday, it may lead to a ‘chaotic’ departure from the European Union. In a statement ahead of the vote, Davis rejected accusations that the government has launched a power grab with its European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, which seeks to copy EU law and enshrine it in domestic legislation. The draft law contains so-called Henry VIII powers that allow ministers to make changes to existing laws, bypassing normal scrutiny by Parliament.” (09/10/17)


Remainiacs become more Trump-like every day

Source: spiked
by Fraser Myers

“As the third round of Brexit talks concludes, it will be news to nobody that Britain’s Remoaners have still not come to terms with the result of the referendum. One strange consequence of the vote is that many of those who in June 2016 presented themselves as sensible, measured and rational have since allowed that mask to slip, and have descended into outright demagoguery. Anti-Brexit fervour has gripped Britain’s pro-EU elite as scores of City lawyers, PR execs and policy wonks declare themselves on social media to be proud ‘saboteurs’ and members of the #Bresistance. Prominent Remainers seem unable to maintain any hold on reason or reality.” (09/07/17)