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SCOTUS will hear challenge to California law requiring anti-abortion groups to promote state-funded abortions

Source: KSRO News

“The Supreme Court on Monday said it will consider whether a California requirement for pregnancy centers in that state to provide information about publicly funded abortion and contraceptive services violates free-speech rights. The petitioners, which say they are ‘life-affirming pregnancy centers,’ argue that California’s Reproductive FACT ACT, ‘Forces licensed pro-life medical centers to post notices informing women how to contact the State at a particular phone number for information on how to obtain state-funded abortions, directly contradicting the centers’ pro-life message.’ And that petitioners argue is a violation of the First Amendment, both its protections of speech and of free exercise.” (11/13/17)


CA: Brown vetoes bill requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns

Source: The Hill

“California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) late Sunday vetoed legislation that would have required presidential candidates to make their tax returns public in order to qualify for the state ballot. The bill passed the Democratic-dominated legislature after President Trump broke longstanding precedent by refusing to make public his tax returns during the 2016 campaign. But Brown said the measure represented a possible slippery slope that could force candidates to release other private information, like health records, school records — and even a birth certificate.” (10/16/17)


CA: Eleven killed, thousands flee as wildfires ravage state

Source: ABC News

“At least 11 people were killed and more than 100 others were injured on Monday as massive wildfires swept through parts of California, destroying 1,500 residences and buildings, authorities said. Firefighters were battling 17 fires across multiple counties around the state as of late Monday night, authorities said. Intensified by strong winds, the fires charred about 90,000 acres of land, destroyed at least 1,500 buildings and forced nearly 20,000 residents to evacuate.” (10/10/17)


CA: Brown signs “sanctuary state” bill

Source: Politico

“California Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday signed ‘sanctuary state’ legislation limiting local law enforcement officials’ ability to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, the latest effort by Democrats here to blunt the effects of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. … The ‘sanctuary state’ bill prohibits local officials from asking about a person’s immigration status or from working in many cases with federal immigration agents. But the measure was significantly weakened before passage to gain Brown’s support, allowing local agencies to work with immigration authorities on cases involving immigrants convicted of a wide range of crimes.” [hat tip — David Klaus] (10/05/17)


CA: Regime moves up 2020 primary elections to March

Source: National Public Radio [US state media]

“Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill to move California’s primary elections in 2020 to the beginning of March, three months ahead of when they were held in 2016. It’s a move designed to increase the influence of the country’s most populous state in deciding presidential candidates. By the June California primary elections in 2016, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were already their parties’ presumptive nominees. ‘Candidates will not be able to ignore the largest, most diverse state in the nation as they seek our country’s highest office,’ California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said in a statement about the bill called the Prime Time Primary Act.” (09/28/17)


CA: Becerra sues Trump regime over border wall plan

Source: Bloomberg

“The state of California filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against President Trump’s proposed plan for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Xavier Becerra, the state’s attorney general, announced in a statement that he has filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. The lawsuit argues that the Department of Homeland Security improperly waived the National Environmental Policy Act and other laws pertaining to immigration and the environment to expedite construction of the border wall in two California counties. The lawsuit also claims that the DHS violated the 10th Amendment of the Constitution and the separation of powers doctrine.” (09/20/17)


CA: Sanctuary state bill sent to Brown

Source: ABC 7 Eyewitness News

“A bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown seeks to make California a sanctuary state, but some demonstrators are urging the governor to veto the measure. The bill, SB 54, limits the cooperation and communication between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. Opponents in San Bernardino rallied Monday afternoon to urge the governor not to sign the bill. They argue it is an invitation to the world to enter and reside illegally [sic] in California.” (09/19/17)


CA: San Diego pols to consider “allowing” marijuana cultivation/sale

Source: Los Angeles Times

“San Diego on Monday may join a small group of California cities willing to allow a local marijuana supply chain to sell the drug to both medical and recreational customers. The City Council is scheduled to consider a proposal to legalize local cultivation, manufacturing and testing of marijuana and related byproducts like edibles when new state laws take effect in January. … It’s not clear whether a majority of San Diego’s politically divided nine-member council will support allowing cultivation, manufacturing and testing. The panel’s five Democrats have shown more enthusiasm than the four Republicans.” [editor’s note: In what universe is it any of their business what people grow, sell and consume? – TLK] (09/09/17)


Here come more tax increases!

Source: The American Spectator
by Steven Greenhut

“The California Supreme Court this week issued a stunning blow to California’s taxpayers with a convoluted ruling that lets local governments collude with public-employee unions to raise certain taxes without a supermajority vote. Californians already must deal with a state government that views tax hikes as the solution to every problem. They will soon see the same approach dominate at the municipal level, as well. If conservative groups don’t respond with an initiative to overturn the ruling, this could be the beginning of the end of longstanding property-tax protections first enacted with 1978’s tax-limiting Proposition 13 and 1996’s Proposition 218. Ironically, two of the court’s most liberal members — both appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown, and one a former Obama administration official — were the only justices to see the dangerous ramifications here.” (08/31/17)


CA: Masked [alleged] anarchists violently rout right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“An army of [alleged] anarchists in black clothing and masks routed a small group of right-wing demonstrators who had gathered in a Berkeley park Sunday to rail against the city’s famed progressive politics, driving them out — sometimes violently — while overwhelming a huge contingent of police officers. Hundreds of officers tried to maintain calm in and around Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park before the 1 p.m. ‘No to Marxism in Berkeley’ rally …. But once again, counterdemonstrators frustrated efforts by police, who numbered about 400. As the crowd swelled to several times that size, officers stepped aside and allowed hundreds of people angered by the presence of the right-wing rally to climb over the barriers into the park, said Officer Jennifer Coats, a spokeswoman for Berkeley police.” (08/27/17)