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Canada: Toronto police say hijab-cutting incident didn’t happen

Source: NBC News

“Toronto police are disputing an 11-year-old girl’s claim that her hijab was cut by a scissors-wielding man as she walked to school last week. Toronto Police spokesman Mark Pugash said Monday an extensive investigation was conducted and police concluded it did not happen. … Pugash declined to say whether the girl acknowledged it didn’t happen. He said police wouldn’t take a step like this unless they were absolutely confident.” [editor’s note: On the one hand, there seem to be a lot of hoaxes of this variety. On the other hand, if it’s anyone’s word versus the police department’s, I know which side I default to absent a good reason to think otherwise … – TLK] (01/15/18)


Canada: KFC introduces “Bitcoin Bucket” of chicken tenders

Source: CoinTelegraph

“In the latest example of mainstream crypto adoption as a PR stunt, KFC Canada has introduced a new menu item, the Bitcoin Bucket, that customers can buy exclusively with Bitcoin (BTC). The Bitcoin Bucket, which sells for the Bitcoin equivalent of 20 Canadian dollars, contains ten chicken tenders, waffle fries, a medium side, a medium gravy, and two dips. Canadian citizens can order home delivery of the Bitcoin Bucket through Colonel & Co.’s website while the offer lasts.” (01/12/18)


Canada: Idiot reportedly tries to cut schoolgirl’s hijab off

Source: Toronto Star [Canada]

“Khawlah Noman was walking to school with her younger brother when she felt somebody pull the hood of her winter jacket down. Protected from the rain was the 11-year-old’s light blue hijab — the target of a man holding a pair of scissors with a blue handle. Over the next 10 minutes, she said she was attacked not once, but twice, by a man who is now a suspect in a Toronto police hate crime investigation.” (01/12/18)


Canada: In trade blowback, regime will buy used Australian jets rather than new Boeing aircraft

Source: Los Angeles Times

“Canada has ditched a plan to buy 18 Super Hornet jet fighters from U.S.-based Boeing Co. and will instead buy 18 used F-18 fighters from Australia. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had previously warned that Canada would stop doing business with Boeing if the company doesn’t drop a trade complaint against Canadian plane maker Bombardier, and the government warned again on Tuesday that Boeing would have little chance of winning a new contract for 88 additional fighter jets under the status quo. Trudeau’s government also said Tuesday that it would assess companies’ overall impact on Canada’s economy before buying the 88 additional fighter jets to replace its aging F-18s. ‘Bidders responsible for harming Canada’s economic interest will be at a distinct disadvantage compared to bidders who aren’t engaged in detrimental behavior,’ Procurement Minister Carla Qualtrough said.” (12/12/17)


Canada: Quebec pols pass bill banning covered faces in “public services”

Source: Deutsche Welle [Germany]

“The law bans the wearing of face-coverings for people giving or receiving public services. It also offers a framework advising authorities how to grant accommodation requests based on religious beliefs. It applies to bureaucrats, police officers, teachers and bus drivers, as well as doctors, midwives and dentists who work in publicly-funded hospitals or clinics. The bill did not mention specific clothing but reports indicate it will prohibit the wearing of the burka and niqab in interactions with the state.” [editor’s note: Does this mean that if you wear a face covering, the state’s forces will refuse to interact with you? Bank robbers would find that very convenient. Hell, so would I! – TLK] (10/19/17)


Canada: Drone hits commercial aircraft

Source: CNet News

“It was, says the Canadian Minster of Transport, the first time it’s happened in Canada. In a statement issued on Sunday, Marc Garneau revealed that on Thursday, a Skyjet flight was struck by a drone as it approached Jean Lesage International Airport in Quebec City. … The Ministry of Transport told me that the aircraft was a Beech 100 King Air. The drone has not been identified. Garneau told CBC that ‘it could have been much more serious’ had the drone struck an engine or the cockpit. He said the drone had been flying 3 miles from the airport at 450 meters (around 1,500 feet). This is 150 meters above the legal limit. There were eight passengers on the plane.” (10/15/17)


North Korea: Regime releases jailed Canadian pastor

Source: USA Today

“North Korea has released a Canadian pastor who was imprisoned for allegedly attempting to overthrow the regime of Kim Jong Un on humanitarian grounds, state media reported Wednesday. Rim Hyon Su, also known as Hyeon Soo Lim, was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor in Dec. 2015. His release came a day after Canadian officials said a delegation led by the country’s national security adviser had traveled to North Korea to discuss his jailing, Canada’s Global News website reported.” (08/09/17)


Canadian interest rates set to rise?

Source: Mises Canada
by Caleb McMillan

“Is the Bank of Canada going raise its overnight benchmark rate? Since rising interest rates are decreed by the central bank, the real scarcity of capital in which major financial institutions can borrow and lend out overnight amongst themselves is unknown. Disconnected from any real savings, we expect the Bank of Canada to manually raise rates when the going gets good. This is flawed thinking. Clearly, the rag-tag team at the BoC have confused cause and effect once again. Through experience and logic, the idea that central banks can provide a free lunch is rebuffed by a hefty dose of reality. You need capital to have capitalism. Savings and production come before consumption. This is a priori true.” (06/14/17)


Canada: Trudeau to ask Pope Francis for formal apology over church’s role in residential schools

Source: National Post

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to raise reconciliation with indigenous peoples, the global fight against climate change and the importance of religious and cultural diversity when he meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Monday. There, he will also ask the pontiff to issue a formal apology in Canada for the role of the Catholic Church in the residential school system. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission included the demand for a papal apology — to survivors, their families and communities — among the 94 recommendations in its report on the dark history and legacy of residential schools.” (05/29/17)


Trump tells Canada and Mexico he won’t terminate NAFTA, will seek renegotiation instead

Source: Business Insider

“US President Donald Trump told the leaders of Canada and Mexico on Wednesday that he would not terminate the NAFTA treaty but seek to renegotiate it with them, a White House statement said. The announcement came as White House officials disclosed that Trump and his White House advisers were considering issuing an executive order to withdraw the United States from the trade pact with Canada and Mexico. The White House said Trump spoke by phone with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and that he would hold back from a speedy termination of NAFTA, in a ‘pleasant and productive’ conversation.” (04/27/17)