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Chile: Former president Sebastian Pinera wins runoff vote

Source: CNN

“Chile’s former President, the conservative billionaire Sebastian Pinera, has been elected to serve another term as the country’s leader. Pinera, who governed the South American nation from 2010 to 2014, defeated leftist candidate Alejandro Guillier during a second round of voting Sunday. Chile’s Electoral Service said Pinera won with 54.58% of the votes. Guillier came in second with 45.42%, a much wider margin than originally predicted by pollsters. Outgoing President Michelle Bachelet, a socialist leader who also served two presidential terms, had backed Guillier, who had pledged to continue many of her policies and programs.” (12/17/17)


The other 9/11: Unremembered and unatoned

Source: CounterPunch
by Steve Brown

“On Monday, we saw the usual yearly outpouring of articles and editorials from mainstream media commemorating the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001, which killed 2,996 people and wounded 6,000 more. Not that such memorials aren’t appropriate. They are simply insufficient. They fail to commemorate another 9/11 tragedy, one that took place 28 years earlier, in 1973 — not in America, but in Chile — and which caused the death — not of thousands, but of tens of thousands — while torturing and exiling 200,000 more.” (09/13/17)


Chile: Construction begins on world’s first “super telescope” that could help astronomers find alien life

Source: Daily Mail [UK]

“Construction has begun on a ‘super telescope’ that could help astronomers find alien life. The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), being built in Chile, is designed to help astronomers peer back to the first galaxies 14 billion years ago. … Located on a 3,000 meter-high mountain in the middle of the Atacama desert, it is due to begin operating in 2024. Among other capabilities, it will add to and refine astronomers’ burgeoning discoveries of planets orbiting other stars, with the ability to find more smaller planets, image larger ones, and possibly characterise their atmospheres, a key step in understanding if life is present.” (05/29/17)


The Tom Woods Show, episode 812

Source: The Tom Woods Show

“The subject of Augusto Pinochet divides Chileans even today: should he be honored for making Chile more prosperous and desirable than its neighbors, or should he be condemned for human rights abuses?” [various formats] (12/27/16)