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Ford to import Focus from China instead of Mexico

Source: Detroit Free Press

"Ford, which was under fire for much of 2016 for its plans to build the Focus in Mexico, said today it is shifting gears a second time and will instead import most of its next generation Focus cars from China in a move designed to improve the automaker's 'operational fitness.' The move is the first major decision since Jim Hackett replaced Mark Fields as CEO of Ford last month. Hackett told the Free Press last week the company is working to figure out the best ways to spend its capital. Today, Ford said it will save a total of $1 billion in investment costs by building the Focus in China by canceling plans for an all-new manufacturing facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico." (06/20/17)


China: Regime to launch four more probes before 2021

Source: Space Daily

"China will launch a further four space probes before 2021 as part of the efforts to develop space science, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence Friday. The China-Italy Electromagnetic Monitoring Experiment Satellite will be launched this August to study phenomena related to earthquakes from space. The China-France Oceanography Satellite is expected to be launched in 2018. … An astronomical satellite jointly developed by China and France will be launched in 2021 to study gamma rays and provide data for research in dark energy and the evolution of the universe. China plans to launch the country's first Mars probe in 2020, which is expected to orbit the red planet, land and deploy a rover in just one mission." (06/19/17)


China: Police arrest 22 Apple contractors for selling customer data

Source: BleepingComputer

"Chinese authorities announced yesterday they arrested 22 people on accusations of stealing private information on Apple customers and selling the data online. According to a statement from police in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, 20 of the 22 arrested suspects work as authorized Apple iPhone distributors. Police say the suspects used their access to Apple's database to steal data on iPhone customers, which they later sold online for prices that ranged between 10 yuan ($1.50) and 180 yuan ($26.50)." (06/08/17)


Beijing protests US Navy patrol through South China Sea

Source: Washington Post

"China protested a U.S. Navy patrol that sent a guided missile destroyer near a group of man-made islands in the South China Sea on Thursday, in the first American challenge to Beijing’s claims to the waters since President Donald Trump took office. China’s Defense Ministry told reporters that it had sought an explanation with U.S. officials over the incident, which Beijing said involved the USS Dewey and took place around Mischief Reef, one of a chain of artificial islands China has built and fortified to assert its claims over the strategic waterway." [editor's note: Presumably the US regime came up with the name "Mischief Reef." The Chinese regime probably calls it "Heroic Defense Reef" or something – TLK] (05/25/17)


Moody's downgrades China, warns of fading financial strength as debt mounts

Source: Reuters

"Moody's Investors Service downgraded China's credit ratings on Wednesday for the first time in nearly 30 years, saying it expects the financial strength of the economy will erode in coming years as growth slows and debt continues to rise. The one-notch downgrade in long-term local and foreign currency issuer ratings, to A1 from Aa3, comes as the Chinese government grapples with the challenges of rising financial risks stemming from years of credit-fueled stimulus. … While the downgrade is likely to modestly increase the cost of borrowing for the Chinese government and its state-owned enterprises (SOEs), it remains comfortably within the investment grade rating range. World stocks inched lower after the move, though Shanghai's main index .SSEC recouped early losses to end marginally higher." (05/24/17)


Pakistani, Chinese regimes sign nearly $500 million in deals at Silk Road summit

Source: Reuters

"Pakistan signed new deals with China on Saturday worth nearly $500 million (387.9 million pounds) ahead of Beijing's international forum on its 'Silk Road' trade and infrastructure initiative for Asia, Africa and Europe, the Pakistani government said. The memorandums of understanding add to $57 billion already pledged for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a network of rail, road and energy infrastructure that is part of the wider Chinese project also known as One Belt — One Road." (05/13/17)


South Korea: Moon willing to visit the North

Source: CBS News

"New South Korean President Moon Jae-in said as he took office Wednesday that he is open to visiting rival North Korea under the right conditions to talk about its aggressive pursuit of nuclear-tipped missiles. Moon's softer stance on North Korea could create friction with Washington, which has swung from threats of military action to hints of dialogue as it seeks to formulate a policy under President Donald Trump. South Korea's first liberal leader in a decade, Moon also said he'll 'sincerely negotiate' with the United States, Seoul's top ally, and China, South Korea's top trading partner, over the contentious deployment of an advanced U.S. missile-defense system in southern South Korea. The system has angered Beijing, which says its powerful radars allow Washington to spy on its own military operations." (05/10/17)


China: Regime deports alleged American spy after two years in custody

Source: CBS News

"China has deported an American citizen who was convicted and sentenced on an espionage charge after she was held in custody for more than two years. A spokesman for the State Department confirmed to CBS News that the U.S. is aware Chinese authorities deported 45-year-old Sandy Phan-Gillis on Friday. The deportation follows a trial last week where Phan-Gillis was convicted of spying for the U.S. government from 1996 to 1998. She was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. … Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said Phan-Gillis was unjustly 'separated from her family' and detained in China on 'baseless charges.'" (04/29/17)


China: Regime launches first home-built aircraft carrier amid South China Sea tension

Source: Yahoo! News

"China launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier on Wednesday amid rising tension over North Korea and worries about Beijing's assertiveness in the South China Sea. State media has quoted military experts as saying the carrier, China's second and built in the northeastern port of Dalian, is not expected to enter service until 2020, once it has been kitted out and armed. … China's navy has been taking an increasingly prominent role in recent months, with a rising star admiral taking command, its first aircraft carrier sailing around self-ruled Taiwan and new Chinese warships popping up in far-flung places." [editor's note: And yet when the US launches a new warship, as it does much more often than China, it's not considered alarming or a function of the crisis of the moment … – TLK] (04/26/17)


China's Korea policy "in tatters" as both North and South defy sanctions

Source: Washington Post

"More than half a century ago, hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers died in the Korean War, fighting on the side of their Communist allies against the American-backed South. Yet today, China finds itself in the uncomfortable position of falling out with both the Communist North and capitalist South of this troublesome peninsula, imposing sanctions on both countries but getting no satisfaction from either. On Monday, South Korea announced it would press ahead with the 'swift deployment' of an American missile defense system despite relentless and vociferous Chinese opposition. … On Sunday, North Korea ignored China’s pleadings not to raise regional tensions by conducting another missile test, albeit one that failed." (04/17/17)