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Trump signs bill allowing states to cut off Planned Parenthood's corporate welfare

Source: Yahoo! Finance

"President Donald Trump signed legislation Thursday that would give states the flexibility to withhold federal family planning money from Planned Parenthood. Trump, who has had few opportunities to enact legislation during his first three months in office, signed the measure in private, quietly reversing an Obama administration regulation. The bill overturns a rule that prohibits states from refusing to distribute federal family-planning money to clinics simply because the facilities also perform abortions." (04/13/17)


Auditor's report sheds light on special taxing districts

Source: Show-Me Institute
by Graham Renz

["Transportation Development Districts] were intended to help fund public improvements through a tax similar to a user fee in order to avoid burdening the general public with the costs of these projects. For example, if a development required a new intersection with a traffic light, a tax could be levied on just that development to help pay for construction of the intersection. But TDDs have now morphed into a mechanism for private developers to tax the public for private gain. … Often, TDDs are established by a single retail developer. This means that a single developer can (1) form a district, (2) impose a tax in that district, and (3) spend tax revenues nearly any way it sees fit. Unsurprisingly, TDD revenues often go right back to the developer in the form of a direct subsidy, and taxpayers are forced to the sidelines with no say in how their money is spent." (04/11/17)


Despite subsidies, Joplin rebuilt itself

Source: Show-Me Institute
by Patrick Tuohey

"On May 22, 2011, a tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri killing 166 people and damaging or destroying 7,500 structures. … As part of the reconstruction effort, the city leaders adopted a tax increment financing (TIF) subsidy program and created the Joplin Redevelopment Corporation (JRC) to manage it. What happened next is an excellent lesson in TIF and developer subsidies for all Missourians. The developers, Wallace Bajjali Development Partners, made all the usual claims about the need for government subsidies. In most cases a developer who gets TIF claims credit for every bit of construction that happens afterward. But in Joplin's case, the developer went under before building anything. The JRC still issued the bonds and continues to collect the TIF taxes that would otherwise go to funding libraries and schools. But it has only bought and sold properties and paid professional fees (and even that earned it a rebuke from the state auditor). According to the JRC’s own reports, it has not built any infrastructure, developed any sites, or rehabbed any buildings. Instead, the real reconstruction of Joplin was done by its private citizens …" (04/11/17)


US Senate: Pence casts tie-breaking vote to revoke Obama order on corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

Source: The Hill

"Vice President Mike Pence returned to the Senate Thursday afternoon — the second time in one day — to cast a tie-breaking vote on legislation to undo an Obama-era regulation on funding for abortion providers. Pence cast the deciding 51st vote in favor of nixing the rule, after the legislation stalled in a 50-50 tie. Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Susan Collins (Maine) sided with Democrats to vote against repealing the Obama-era rule, prompting the need for the vice president to break the tie. … The regulation required that state and local governments distribute federal Title X funding for services related to contraception, fertility, pregnancy care and cervical cancer screenings to health providers, regardless of whether they also preform abortions." (03/30/17)


Do Americans profit from the Export-Import Bank?

Source: Cafe Hayek
by Don Boudreaux

"Mr. Lester: You're correct that Export-Import Bank supporters insist that this Bank is a good deal for Americans because most of the loans that it makes to foreign buyers of American exports are repaid with interest to the U.S. government. Alas, this repayment record does not mean that Americans are enriched by the Ex-Im Bank. To begin, the CBO found that if the Bank used more accurate accounting practices its vaunted financial wizardry disappears. But put this point, centered as it is on complex accounting methodology, to the side. Let's instead do a simple mental experiment." (03/29/17)


CA: Pair behind Planned Parenthood sting hit with second malicious prosecution

Source: NBC News

"The anti-abortion activists behind undercover videos targeting Planned Parenthood were charged Tuesday with 15 felony counts of invasion of privacy, according to a criminal complaint filed in California. David Robert Daleiden and Sandra Susan Merritt 'used manufactured identities and a fictitious bioresearch company to meet women's healthcare providers and covertly record the private discussions they initiated,' California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement. Daleiden and Merritt describe themselves as 'citizen journalists' and investigators for the nonprofit, anti-abortion Center for Medical Progress. In a statement Tuesday night, the center responded by promising to release even more secret videos." [editor's note: When Planned Parenthood stops taking half a billion dollars a year in corporate welfare from the taxpayers, its business operations can be "private discussions." Until then, the taxpayers have a legitimate interest in those operations – TLK] (03/29/17)


Trump approves construction of big-government "Keystone XL" corporate welfare boondoggle

Source: CNBC

"President Donald Trump on Friday approved the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline linking Canadian oil sands to U.S. refiners, a project blocked by former President Barack Obama. TransCanada said earlier in the day the U.S. Department of State had issued a presidential permit for the project." (03/24/17)


Keystone corporate welfare boondoggle won't use US steel despite Trump pledge

Source: Raleigh News & Observer

"The Keystone XL oil pipeline won't use American steel in its construction, despite what President Donald Trump says. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Friday that's due to language in a presidential directive Trump issued in January. The directive applies to new pipelines or those under repair. Sanders said it would be hard to do an about-face on Keystone because it's already under construction and the steel has been acquired. Trump said as recently as last week that Keystone and the Dakota Access pipeline must use American steel 'or we're not building one.'" (03/04/17)



Small Target, big subsidy

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

"Something has gone wrong when, to get a tenant to move into an empty space in your prime-location building, you need a $4 million subsidy. And when I say 'prime location,' I’m not engaging in Trumpian over-statement. The downtown Denver, Colorado, property location sees over 35,000 pedestrians per day … and that's with the primo slot empty. But to get that slot filled, the owners have negotiated with the city government to nab a $2 million 'incentive' to fix the place up for Target …. Oh, and another $2 million for 'operational' costs, which seems to be some kind of a loan to be paid back from taxes to be collected — and shared by the city for 20 years with the owners." (03/01/17)


The great hypocrisy of libertarians and conservatives

Craig Cantoni

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Craig Cantoni

"It's nearly impossible in the modern social-welfare state for a believer in limited government (aka limited coercion and theft) not to be a hypocrite. Take Social Security and Medicare. After being forced to pay into the programs over a working life, most people can't afford to walk away from program benefits upon retirement, even if they disagree with the entitlement programs on principle. Besides, walking away would not result in the demise of the programs. Or take taxes. Even if taxes are used for immoral or nefarious purposes, sticking to principles by not paying taxes would only result in imprisonment. But there is one arena of big government where it is easy to stick to principles and not be a hypocrite: the arena of government-subsidized sports arenas. … Yet most libertarians and conservatives patronize pro sports, by either attending games or watching on TV." (02/16/17)