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It's time to fight fire with fire — is the Chinese government pushing Bitcoin Unlimited?

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg
by Michael Krieger

"Irrespective of the scaling debate, we seem to have an uncomfortably centralized Bitcoin ecosystem in some important and meaningful ways. It is this backdrop which makes the current situation so concerning, and it is this backdrop that has made Bitcoin as vulnerable as it is right now. Now here's where it gets even more concerning. Many observers are warning that Bitcoin Unlimited (BU), if it happens, could make the centralization issue even worse. … If this is right (people I respect disagree on whether BU will make the miner centralization problem worse), this is a gigantic elephant in the room for Bitcoin Unlimited. It also makes it increasingly likely that behind the scenes the Chinese government is supporting BU as a way to either take over Bitcoin or destroy it from within." (03/20/17)


Bitcoin takes a beating while rivals soar to all-time highs

Source: MarketWatch

"Call it the schadenfreude trade. Bitcoin's price is taking a beating, having shed about one-fifth of its value over the weekend. At the same time, its biggest rivals in the cryptocurrency space are ascendent: The price of a single ethereum token, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, touched an all-time high above $50 over the weekend just as bitcoin's losses were beginning to accelerate. … Ethereum isn't the only cryptocurrency benefiting from bitcoin's selloff: Dash, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, broke to an all-time high above $100 a coin on Monday. Monero, the fourth-largest digital currency, touched an all-time high above $20. The bitcoin selloff started around the time that AntPool, the largest collective of bitcoin miners, on Friday adopted a controversial software update known as bitcoin unlimited." (03/20/17)


Can we trust the blockchain headlines of PR firms, VCs, corporatists and banksters?

Source: Bitcoin.com
by Jamie Redman

"Since the beginning of 2015, the word blockchain has become associated with a lot of hype, as many believe the technology will transform the world of finance and everything in between. Bitcoin is typically dismissed, even though it has proven to be a real world solution providing utility to many people. Private blockchains, however, have yet to show any real uses cases outside of a press statement." (03/15/17)


The Jason Stapleton Program, 03/14/17

Source: The Jason Stapleton Program

"Is Bitcoin Finished? No, not exactly, but it had a major setback last week. It’s a stretch to call it a setback. What really happened was the SEC stated publicly what professional traders and investors have been saying for years." [various formats] (03/14/17)


Do you think they'll use the US dollar on Mars?

Source: Bitcoin.com
by Julio Gil-Pulgar

"The space age is shifting into a higher gear with extraordinary momentum. The US Congress recently directed NASA to prepare a plan for deep space exploration, which should include sending humans to Mars. Concurrently, private companies continue to create and expand the commercial space market. In this regard, the fact that Bitcoin is borderless and possesses other relevant, unique features makes it essential for a space-based economy." (03/14/17)


Bitcoin price rebounds after ETF dive

Source: Bitcoin.com

"On March 10 after the closing of the New York Stock Exchange, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected the rule change for the Bitcoin ETF due to regulatory concerns. Following the announcement, the price per bitcoin dropped to a low of US$1,020. The price has since rebounded to the $1,180 mark, at the time of writing." [editor's note: As I post this on Sunday evening, it's closing in on $1,240 – TLK] (03/11/17)


Bitcoiners beware — US customs agents are coercing for mobile passwords

Source: Bitcoin.com
by Jamie Redman

"Bitcoin.com has covered many different aspects concerning Bitcoin under the Trump administration. Everything from Bitcoin supporters being appointed to the administration, the planned wall in Mexico, and the possibility of some financial regulations ending. However, Bitcoin proponents may have something to worry about if they travel inside the U.S. border. According to various reports, CBP agents are increasingly searching phones and electronic devices. Even though the CBP and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) legally cannot search electronic devices without a warrant they have been doing so for quite some time." (03/06/17)


We can now use Visa to pay Bitcoin network transaction fees

Source: Bitcoin.com
by Roger Ver

"As any Bitcoin user knows, the network is completely full now. Every business is spending countless hours dealing with customer support requests relating to transaction that haven't confirmed. In the last year confirmation times have gone up from about 10 minutes, to nearly two hours! I was stunned earlier today when I came across a service that now allows people to pay with CREDIT CARDS to have their Bitcoin transaction confirmed! … It is worth noting that this kind of fee market is exactly what the current Core team have been advocating for years. Now they have it, and it is a disaster just like myself, Gavin Andresen, and many others have been saying all along." [editor's note: My last Bitcoin transaction took about 30 hours to confirm. Ver is right — this is insane and it will kill Bitcoin if it isn't fixed – TLK] (03/05/17)


How specifically the EU & US intend to tax your Bitcoin

Source: Bitcoin.com
by Wendy McElroy

"The bad news: Central bankers want private, centralized blockchains to facilitate all movement of wealth so they can skim the top. Complicit governments intend to regulate competitors, including individual wallet holders, and then collect a 'fee' in the form of taxes. The good news: Bitcoin cannot be regulated without disabling the internet or the bitcoin network, which is arguably the largest and most diverse network in the world." (02/24/17)


Bitcoin reaches all-time high

Source: USA Today

"What's backed by no government, created by a mysterious, unknown inventor and reached an all-time high Thursday? If you said the cryptocurrency bitcoin, you're clearly in the know. Bitcoin, launched in 2009, is decentralized digital currency that is traded from person-to-person, rather than through banks, and has no issuing or regulating country. On Thursday it hit an all-time high of $1,163.59 according to CoinDesk.com, which tracks bitcoin prices. The previous high was $1,129.86, touched on January 4." (02/23/17)