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Real Bitcoin (aka Bitcoin Cash) markets surge as pending hard fork approaches

Source: Bitcoin.com

“The price of bitcoin cash (BCH) has been on a tear lately as network participants are steadily preparing for the upcoming hard fork. At the time of writing, the digital asset’s value is averaging $495 USD and currently commands the second highest cryptocurrency trade volume in the world. … In other BCH news the well known online merchant, Wikileaks Shop, has just announced to its Twitter followers it will accept BCH for Wikileaks merchandise.” (11/01/17)


Bitcoin surges to record above $6,400 after CME announces launch of futures for digital currency

Source: CNBC

“CME announced Tuesday it plans to launch bitcoin futures in the fourth quarter, pending regulatory review. Bitcoin rose to a record high above $6,400 Tuesday morning, according to CoinDesk, after the announcement by the world’s largest futures exchange. … The growth of bitcoin derivatives is also another step toward the development of the digital currency as a more established asset class. Fundstrat’s Tom Lee said his call for bitcoin to top $20,000 by 2022 is based partly on expectations that bitcoin derivatives products will launch. Some sellers of exchange-traded funds have also filed for bitcoin ETFs that track bitcoin futures.” (10/31/17)


Bitcoin is bulletproof, but this could be its Kryptonite

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Rich Clarke

“Bitcoin has had many trials in the nearly ten years it has existed. The ‘Bitcoin is Dead’ rhetoric that made its way around the internet is now a running joke with its own website to catalog the now obviously fallacious stories. Over the last several years, this ecosystem has been a rollercoaster ride of the market: its rapid expansion, the hacks, and — of course — sensational headlines. On this wild ride, it has been easy to lose sight of what Bitcoin means and what it represents fundamentally.” (10/30/17)


The Satoshi Revolution, chapter 2, part 2

Source: Bitcoin.com
by Wendy McElroy

“Cryptocurrency was not created to make money; the blockchain was not forged to render banking more efficient. The core developers did not use open source or eschew patents because they were proprietary or wanted to reap a fortune. They wanted privacy and freedom to be available without cost to all. Anyone who believes Bitcoin was designed for financial gain knows nothing about its history or the idealism built into its algorithms. Profiting from cryptocurrency and using blockchains to economic advantage are laudable by-products, but Bitcoin was conceived as a vehicle for creating political and social change by empowering individuals and weakening government. The developers were revolutionaries.” (10/28/17)


Vietnam: Central bank bans cryptocurrencies

Source: Coin Telegraph

“Vietnam’s central bank, State Bank of Vietnam has declared the use of digital currencies in the country as illegal. The central bank also announced that it will impose a fine on anyone caught utilizing the cryptocurrencies starting early 2018. Based on the new monetary law issued by the bank that is scheduled to go into effect during the first quarter of 2018, Bitcoin and other virtual cryptocurrencies are already considered as illegal and their use will be prohibited in the country. The law also states that the only authorized payment methods in the country are those issued or controlled by the State Bank of Vietnam.” (10/29/17)


What Argentina and the US can teach us about Bitcoin adoption and regulation

Source: PanAm Post
by Will Ellis

“The news that Bitcoin has just broken the $5,000 mark is re-focusing attention on the cryptocurrency. Even five years ago, the Bitcoin was regarded as a niche concern: the domain of hackers, and online criminals. Today, with an increasingly large number of retailers accepting the currency, it is becoming mainstream. Amid all of the speculation — both financial and intellectual — that surrounds Bitcoin, the broader view is often neglected. Whether cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin represent a revolution in currency, or merely a slight evolution, the fact is that they sever a link between state power and fiscal control that has existed for many centuries.” (10/26/17)


Should we fix malleability in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? If so, how? And when?

Source: Bitcoin.com
by Jonald Fyookball

“If you’re a Bitcoiner or crypto-enthusiast, you’ve probably heard this ‘malleability’ issue being discussed and wondered what it’s all about. Maybe you’ve probably heard a bunch of conflicting ideas and opinions about it too. Let’s break it all down.” (10/23/17)


The Satoshi Revolution, Chapter 2 (part 4)

Source: Bitcoin.com
by Wendy McElroy

“Money radicals solved the trusted-third-party problem by demanding free-market money and banking; they did this because the only third party on which they focused was government. The solution did not go far enough because free-market alternatives also rested on trust and, any time trust is required, betrayals will occur. But privatization was the best solution possible at the time; the blockchain had not surfaced to allow people to become self-bankers. ‘What Has Government Done to Our Money?’ belongs to the pre-Bitcoin years but it has significant contributions to offer the cryptocurrency world. There, Rothbard explains the origins of money as well as its pivotal importance to freedom and civilization.” (10/21/17)


Russia: Regime plans “CryptoRuble” cryptocurrency

Source: Newsweek

“Russia may soon become the world’s first country to launch a cryptocurrency backed by a nation state, according to reports. Similar to bitcoin, the CryptoRuble cryptocurrency will be underpinned by a online ledger known as a blockchain. Unlike bitcoin, however, it will not be possible for people to mine the virtual currency—the process of confirming cryptocurrency transactions and adding their record to the blockchain in order to generate new units of the currency. Local reports cited by cryptocurrency news website CoinTelegraph revealed that CryptoRubles can be exchanged for rubles, though a 13 percent tax will be levied if the holder is unable to explain where the CryptoRubles came from.” (10/16/17)


The Satoshi Revolution: Politics Versus Ideology, part 3

Source: Bitcoin.com
by Wendy McElroy

“Part of the Satoshi Revolution’s brilliance lies in the fact that it is profoundly political without being ideological. Most people see little difference between the political and the ideological or, if they do make a distinction, they believe ideology is the set of beliefs that determine the specific political positions a person takes. In many cases, they are correct. But not in all cases. Sometimes politics and ideology are distinct.” (10/14/17)