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HI: Fukumoto replaced as House minority leader, wants to leave Republican Party

Source: Hawaii News Now

"Hawaii's Republican Party on Wednesday elected State Rep. Andria Tupola as House Minority Leader, hours after passing a resolution that ousted Rep. Beth Fukumoto from the leadership role. The change in leadership happened after Fukumoto said she was considering switching parties, a decision she says has not yet been made official. Earlier Wednesday, Fukumoto notified her constituents of her intentions but says she will let them decide if she should switch parties. … Fukumoto had said she was under pressure from the GOP after criticizing President Donald Trump for his treatment of women and minorities. Tupola said that wasn't the case." (02/02/17)


Why are Republicans backing Betsy DeVos?

Source: The Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

"US president Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, faces a great deal of opposition to her confirmation. Most of that opposition comes from Democratic politicians and Democratic organizations. But if both parties stuck to their stated principles and goals, the Senate would vote 100-0 against her nomination." (01/27/17)


The case against Democratic unity

Source: The New Republic
by Sarah Jones

"The Democratic Party has failed. The evidence of its failure—Donald Trump—took office last Friday, 19 months after launching a campaign soaked in ethno-nationalism and misogyny. Trump and his cabinet nominees are poised to decimate public education, the Affordable Care Act, and the Environmental Protection Agency. They threaten our diplomatic relations with world powers and our labor protections. They are racist, they are clueless, they are corrupt. In response, Democrats have undergone some remedial soul-searching. But too often the response from party officials and certain liberal pundits has been to cast the blame elsewhere, and to claim that the party is basically in good health. Above all, they call for unity on the 'left,' an entity that somehow always ends up excluding critics actually located on the left side of the spectrum." [editor's note: This one nails the hypocrisy of the Dem elites – SAT] (01/24/17)


Some election interference is more equal than others

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg
by Michael Krieger

"A couple of days ago, Politico published a fascinating piece describing how factions associated with the current Ukrainian government apparently interfered in the U.S. election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The findings seem pretty damning, and certainly warrant at least some conversation within the American media given the 24/7 obsession with Russia. Nevertheless, most of you have probably never heard of this saga, since when it comes to the corporate media news cycle, some election interference is more equal than others." (01/13/17)


The Democrats' conspiracy theory

Source: OpEdNews
by Joe Giambrone

"The Democrats have become feral. Irrationally lashing out in every direction, the CIA's conspiracy theory has had the effect that many of those anti-conspiracy theory psycho-babble articles had warned us about! #irony But psychology remains at the core of it all, and it is the psychology of blaming others to avoid taking personal responsibility for negative outcomes. Taking cues from Hillary Clinton herself, there must be Russians hiding under the bed. Of course that's the reason people supported Trump and not glorious Hillary. The alternative is too horrible for them to entertain. What is obscured is the contorted logic that Russia allegedly defeated Clinton by revealing The Truth about her own corruption and lies, her private position versus public position. Impossible to make the case that the Russians are lying, the Democratic Party apologists' only response has been to change the focus of the outrage toward killing the messenger." (01/10/17)


Democrats who oppose Betsy DeVos have nothing to lose

Source: Our Future
by Jeff Bryant

"In 'an unprecedented break' from tradition, Democrats in the US Senate are expected to challenge as many as eight of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees, including Betsy DeVos for US Secretary of Education, according to a report by the Washington Post. The opposition to DeVos, Politico reports, comes from 'more than a dozen Democratic senators from all wings of the party' who 'will portray DeVos’ views as being outside the education mainstream.' The non-mainstream 'views' Politico cites include her 'bankrolling efforts to create state voucher programs' and to expand a 'loosely-regulated charter school sector' in Michigan, her home state. The Senators are 'also intent on drawing attention to her lack of experience in a traditional public school setting. DeVos has never worked as a public school teacher or superintendent, nor has she sent her own kids to public schools.' … It’s true that the opposition to DeVos is a radical departure from what’s happened in the past." (01/06/17)


Algorithm and blues: Why Hillary's Moneyball strategy failed

Source: CounterPunch
by Jeffrey St. Clair

"The Clinton brain trust made a fatal decision three years ago to run a campaign based on identity politics powered by deep demographic analytics and an almost unlimited reservoir of money from Wall Street and Silicon Valley elites. How could they lose. This wasn't a case of the data being corrupt, but of the campaign programmers, from Bill Clinton to John Podesta, being biased. Illusions in, delusions out. What Mook and company still can't fathom is that almost every national election is ultimately about economics or, more properly, how people feel about their economic security. Here the writing was on the wall and only politicians, like the Clintons, who stubbornly live in their own virtual reality could have missed it." (01/06/17)


Congressional Republicans launch long-promised repeal of ObamaCare

Source: Washington Post

"Congressional Republicans launched their long-promised effort on Wednesday to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, even as they acknowledged that they may need several months to develop a replacement along conservative lines. Signifying how enormous a priority the issue is for the incoming administration, Vice President-elect Mike Pence met privately to discuss it with House and Senate Republicans. He offered no details afterward on what a new health-care law might look like but vowed to unwind the existing one through a mixture of executive actions and legislation. Meanwhile, President Obama made a rare Capitol Hill appearance, meeting behind closed doors with Democrats from both chambers. He urged members of his political party not to help the GOP devise a new health-care law." (01/04/17)


GOP-style obstruction won't work for Democrats

Source: USA Today
by Jesse Ferguson

"On Inauguration Day in 2009, top Republican leaders and strategists gathered for a private dinner at the Caucus Room restaurant to discuss how they were going to obstruct and derail Barack Obama's presidency. It wasn’t a policy dinner about their ideological concerns, Robert Draper wrote in his 2012 book about the GOP-run House. It was a political dinner about obstruction as a tactic. Today, many Democrats (myself included) are asking whether our party leaders need to have a similar dinner on Jan. 20, 2017, to discuss how we can obstruct and oppose every move by the Trump administration." (01/03/17)


The hacking hoax

Source: The Libertarian Enterprise
by L Neil Smith

"Okay, class, let's get this straight, once and for all. We have been told, mostly by a gaggle of Marxoid Democratic circus clowns, shocked, hysterical, and desperate to generate some excuse for their massive humiliation in the recent election, that their candidate, the 'smartest woman in the world,' lost only because, somehow, the evil Russians cybernetically manipulated the electoral system, delivering the victory to the unthinkable, the unspeakable, the deplorable Donald J. Trump. Yeah, right. It's important for everyone who knows that this is nonsense to speak up, before it congeals into another myth — like Albert Gore winning the popular vote in 2000 (until corruption in California and elsewhere is factored in). Russia did not 'hack' the recent election, altering the outcome." (01/01/17)