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Impeachment theater, 2017 edition

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

"If past performance an indicator of future results, performance — political theater — is really all we can expect here. Two past presidents — Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton — have been impeached. Neither was convicted. A third, Richard Nixon, might have been, but he resigned before the House could vote on impeachment." (11/16/17)


Trump and the nuclear "football": No president should have the authority to launch nuclear weapons

Source: OpEdNews
by Dave Lindorff

"Maybe having a president in the White House who acts like an impulsive child is a good thing — at least if it convinces the Senate, a body that has for decades surrendered its vital Constitutional power over war and peace to the Executive Branch, to wrest it back. This is particularly important in the case of nuclear weapons. As things stand, going back all the way to Harry Truman, the only world leader to have actually ordered the use of nuclear weapons in war (twice!), US presidents have been accorded the unfettered power and the technical ability to launch a nuclear strike with no input from Congress." (11/16/17)


House Democrats introduce impeachment articles against Trump

Source: Washington Post

"Five Democrats have introduced articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, a long-shot effort that stands little chance in the Republican-led House. The five articles accused the president of obstruction of justice, undermining the independence of the federal judiciary and other offenses." (11/15/17)


The company behind the "party game for horrible people" bought a vacant plot of land on the Mexico border to stymie Trump's wall

Source: MSN

"The company behind Cards Against Humanity, the self-described 'party game for horrible people,' has purchased a vacant plot of land on the US-Mexico border, just to get in the way of President Trump's planned wall. Cards Against Humanity harbors no illusions that it'll be able to stop the construction of the wall entirely. But the company has hired a law firm specializing in eminent domain, just 'to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built,' it said on a new website dubbed 'Cards Against Humanity Saves America.' 'Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans' the company said on the site. 'He is so afraid that he wants to build a $20 billion wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing.'" [hat tip — David Klaus] (11/14/17)


Trump arrives in the Philippines

Source: Los Angeles Times

"President Trump arrived in the Philippines ahead of another controversial moment in his five-nation Asia tour — a scheduled meeting with Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines president, who has a history of human rights abuses. Trump had an initial encounter with Duterte in Manila on Sunday, exchanging handshakes and toasts with him at a gala dinner opening an international conference. The two leaders will hold talks at the Assn. of Southeast Asian Nations summit on Monday, marking the last leg of Trump’s tour, which has also included stops in Japan, South Korea, China and Vietnam. " (11/12/17)


Trump: Year one

Source: Antiwar.com
by Justin Raimondo

"Well, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do since my last column, but first the question that rises from my lips as I step away from my sick bed is: what happened to all the wars President Trump was supposed to have started? Just before my recent illness the commentariat was filled with predictions of fire and brimstone as Trump called out Kim Jong Un, blustering, braying, and bloviating a mix of insults and warnings of imminent military action. And yet — nothing came of it. Months after the 'crisis' took center stage, it’s all talk, and no action — which is about par for the course with the Trump administration." (11/06/17)


Japan: Trump reiterates desire to screw US consumers

Source: Politico

"President Donald Trump on Monday took a shot at Japan over trade and called on the country to manufacture more cars in the United States, unleashing a direct criticism of the host country on the first leg of his 12-day tour of Asia. 'Try building your cars in the United States instead of shipping them over,' Trump implored during a briefing with business executives before asking, 'That's not rude?' … Trump is expected to lodge similar complaints throughout the swing through Asia, which will include stops in South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines." (11/05/17)


Trump nominates Powell to chair Fed

Source: Charlotte Observer

"President Donald Trump on Thursday announced his choice of Federal Reserve board member Jerome Powell to be the next chairman of the nation's central bank, succeeding Janet Yellen, the first woman to hold the position. Trump made the announcement in a Rose Garden ceremony with Powell standing next to him. Trump said Powell had earned the 'respect and admiration of his colleagues' during his five years on the Fed's seven-member board. Trump also praised Yellen, whom he decided not to nominate for a second term, as a 'wonderful woman who has done a terrific job.'" (11/02/17)


Laura Ingraham's phony populism

Source: The American Conservative
by Mike Lofgren

"[The thesis of Laura Ingraham's new book is] that billionaire Donald J. Trump, in tune with the best aspects of the GOP since Reagan’s election, is a populist with a workable agenda, and that by remaining a populist he will succeed. On this, she’s an authoritative figure: while the media, along with most of the establishment, dismissed Trump as a joke candidate with no chance of going the distance, she took him seriously and divined that he could win. Does she prove her contentions? Ingraham is right that the last several decades of U.S. trade policies and the deindustrialization of large tracts of the country gave a candidate claiming to be an America First populist a strong edge. But there is something important she misses: the widespread populist hope that Trump would enact a more circumspect foreign policy, keeping America out of pointless wars abroad, has thus far proven deluded. Another truth that Ingraham doesn’t get is that Trump is a complete and painstaking construct of the Manhattan news media, the very elites that populism claims to disdain." (10/31/17)


Assange confirms that Trump campaign contractor sought help from WikiLeaks

Source: The Guardian [UK]

"A data-mining firm that worked for Donald Trump’s election campaign made an approach to WikiLeaks, founder Julian Assange said on Wednesday. The statement followed a report in the Daily Beast that Cambridge Analytica chief executive Alexander Nix made contact with Assange about the possible release of 33,000 of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. 'I can confirm an approach by Cambridge Analytica [prior to November last year] and can confirm that it was rejected by WikiLeaks,' Assange tweeted. He did not elaborate on the content of the request." (10/26/17)