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Trump signs order to roll back Obama's climate moves

Source: The Hill

"President Trump on Tuesday signed a wide-ranging executive order to start the process of rolling back former President Obama's aggressive climate change agenda. … The most significant piece of the order instructs the EPA to formally consider repealing the Clean Power Plan. It was the central piece of Obama’s second-term climate agenda, setting a 32 percent cut in the power sector’s carbon dioxide emissions by 2030." (03/28/17)


Argentina already tried Trumponomics

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by David Libertas

"Try to think of a country that elected a populist president: someone who wanted to boost manufacturing jobs, insists that domestically-sold products should be made domestically, and threatens to use tariffs to shut off foreign competition. How would that work out? I am, of course, referring to President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina, not President Donald Trump. It's too soon for Trump to have implemented his economic plans, but we can see how Trumponomics will work by looking southwards to Argentina. It is a portent of the doom that awaits us." (03/28/17)


Trump claims immunity from "Apprentice" contestant's lawsuit

Source: USA Today

"Summer Zervos, a former contestant from The Apprentice, sued Trump in New York on Jan. 17, just days before the inauguration. She came forward in October and accused Trump of kissing and groping her in a Beverly Hills hotel room in 2007. Trump denied the accusation, including a series of tweets calling the sexual misconduct allegations '100% fabricated and made-up charges,' 'totally false' and 'totally made up nonsense.' Zervos'[s] attorney, Gloria Allred, demanded a retraction, to no avail. So, she sued. Zervos'[s] lawsuit claims the alleged defamation was 'detrimental to Ms. Zervos's reputation, honor and dignity.' Trump's attorneys said in this week's court filing that the supremacy clause of the U.S. constitution should bar the lawsuit since it could 'distract a President from his public duties to the detriment of not only the President and his office but also the Nation' …. The Zervos case will likely rely on standards set in the case involving President Clinton, which clearly says presidents are not immune from private litigation while in office." (03/28/17)


Why Trump can't fix healthcare

Source: Reason
by Steve Chapman

"Bill Clinton tried to fix America's health care problems and was shot down by Congress. Barack Obama got his solution enacted only to find most people didn't like it. Republicans who voted repeatedly to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something far better have found it fiendishly hard to agree on how. It could be that our health care problems don't get solved because of partisanship, incompetence, corruption or dishonesty among our elected officials. Or it could be because those problems are not soluble." (03/27/17)


For GOP on healthcare, there's no "moving on"

Source: Cato Institute
by Michael F Cannon

"On Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan trudged to the White House to tell President Donald Trump Republican leaders didn't have the votes to pass their health care bill. Then, moments before a scheduled vote, leadership withdrew the bill. Paul Ryan says it was a 'setback' and that Republicans are 'moving on' from health care. Meanwhile, Donald Trump says Obamacare will explode and it won't be pretty. 'We will be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future,' Trump told the media after the House pulled the bill. There is no way this will stand. No matter what President Trump says, he is not done with Obamacare. Congress still needs to rescue Americans from this law. Now they have a chance — and a responsibility — to do it right." (03/27/17)


Trump's healthcare debacle

Source: The American Conservative
by Robert W Merry

"Political capital is like financial capital. A politician invests it in ventures that may or may not pay off. The more bold the venture, the greater the risk — but also the greater the potential return if things go well. But the politician, like the financial investor, has to understand the market. If either makes an investment based on a faulty perception of the market, the investment almost surely will go south. Then the financial investor ends up with less financial capital to play with, just as the political investor ends up with less political capital. President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan invested a large chunk of political capital in health care. They didn't know the market. The investment went south, taking with it a large store of political capital. Now they have less to play with." (03/24/17)


Is Trump another Obama on foreign policy?

Source: Antiwar.com
by Lucy Steigerwald

"The shiny, new, politics-free status of Donald Trump made him a Rorschach test for hopes and fears on foreign policy. And Trump's propensity for taking all sides of each issue made him even harder to pin down. Here we are more than six weeks into his tenure as president, and the first reports of his plans and his decisions are coming in, and are being mused over by supposed experts. … he appears to be something less dramatic than either his ardent supporters or his most fearful haters suggested. In fact, Trump may be a lot like Obama in terms of foreign policy, but with more delegation to the Pentagon, and even more use of Special Forces." (03/24/17)


Trump's wars

Source: Cato Institute
by Emma Ashford

"Trump's foreign policy approach during the campaign can be charitably described as incoherent. On the one hand, he openly admitted that the Iraq war had been a mistake, and repeatedly criticized the money wasted on pointless Middle East conflicts. These ideas, unorthodox for a Republican candidate but popular with the general public, helped to win him votes. But on the other hand, candidate Trump often contradicted himself, calling for the use of overwhelming force in the fight against the Islamic State group, and promising a massive increase in U.S. military spending. The candidate's militaristic worldview frequently came through in his off-the-cuff remarks, most memorably when he told a rally of supporters, 'I love war, in a certain way.' Sadly, since his inauguration, Trump has pursued the second of these two approaches." (03/22/17)


Trump's wealth ranking tumbles 208 spots on Forbes list

Source: CBS News

"President Donald Trump's week is not getting off to a good start, with him falling more than 200 spots on the Forbes world billionaires list and hearing that his election campaign is under FBI investigation. While Mr. Trump's political fortunes were rising, his net worth was dropping to a mere $3.5 billion, or roughly a third of what he claimed during his successful campaign for the U.S. presidency, according to the latest Forbes list of the world's billionaires. His latest ranking reflects a dip of about $1 billion, by Forbes'[s] reckoning." (03/20/17)


Is Trump the new Teddy Roosevelt?

Source: The American Conservative
by Stephen Beale

"Forget Reagan, Nixon, and Jackson. Trump's real presidential forbearer is Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt — a career politician who sought military service, an avid outdoorsman who hunted elephants and explored the Amazon, and an intellectually curious historian who dabbled in anthropology and zoology — might seem an unlikely model for Trump. But in terms of policy, the parallels are legion." (03/20/17)