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Laura Ingraham’s phony populism

Source: The American Conservative
by Mike Lofgren

“[The thesis of Laura Ingraham’s new book is] that billionaire Donald J. Trump, in tune with the best aspects of the GOP since Reagan’s election, is a populist with a workable agenda, and that by remaining a populist he will succeed. On this, she’s an authoritative figure: while the media, along with most of the establishment, dismissed Trump as a joke candidate with no chance of going the distance, she took him seriously and divined that he could win. Does she prove her contentions? Ingraham is right that the last several decades of U.S. trade policies and the deindustrialization of large tracts of the country gave a candidate claiming to be an America First populist a strong edge. But there is something important she misses: the widespread populist hope that Trump would enact a more circumspect foreign policy, keeping America out of pointless wars abroad, has thus far proven deluded. Another truth that Ingraham doesn’t get is that Trump is a complete and painstaking construct of the Manhattan news media, the very elites that populism claims to disdain.” (10/31/17)


Assange confirms that Trump campaign contractor sought help from WikiLeaks

Source: The Guardian [UK]

“A data-mining firm that worked for Donald Trump’s election campaign made an approach to WikiLeaks, founder Julian Assange said on Wednesday. The statement followed a report in the Daily Beast that Cambridge Analytica chief executive Alexander Nix made contact with Assange about the possible release of 33,000 of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. ‘I can confirm an approach by Cambridge Analytica [prior to November last year] and can confirm that it was rejected by WikiLeaks,’ Assange tweeted. He did not elaborate on the content of the request.” (10/26/17)


Puerto Rico: $300 million recovery contract awarded to tiny utility company linked to major Trump donor

Source: The Daily Beast

“Puerto Rico has agreed to pay a reported $300 million for the restoration of its power grid to a tiny utility company which is primarily financed by a private equity firm founded and run by a man who contributed large sums of money to President Trump, an investigation conducted by The Daily Beast has found. Whitefish Energy Holdings, which had a reported staff of only two full-time employees when Hurricane Maria touched down, appears ill-equipped to handle the daunting task of restoring electricity to Puerto Rico’s over 3 million residents. … The private equity firm that finances Whitefish, HBC Investments, was founded by Joe Colonnetta, who serves as its general partner. FEC data compiled by The Daily Beast shows that Colonnetta contributed $20,000 to the ‘Trump Victory’ PAC during the general election, $27,000 to Trump’s primary election campaign (then the maximum amount permitted), $27,000 to Trump’s general election campaign (also the maximum), and a total of $30,700 to the Republican National Committee in 2016 alone.” (10/24/17)


I predict Trump will continue the CIA’s JFK assassination cover-up

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“The CIA desperately does not want to show the American people its long-secret JFK-related records. It has asked Trump to continue keeping at least some of them secret notwithstanding the passage of more than 50 years since the Kennedy assassination. Under long-established custom and tradition in Washington, D.C., when someone asks someone else for a favor, the person who is in a position to grant the favor demands something in return. … What Trump has done with his announcement is send a clear message to the CIA: ‘Give me what I want and I’ll give you want you want. Otherwise, I will let all your cherished long-secret records relating to the JFK assassination be shown to the American people.’ Make no mistake about it: A deal is about to be made.” (10/23/17)


Vengeful in defeat: Hillary Clinton fantasizes about WikiLeaks

Source: CounterPunch
by Binoy Kampmark

“The Hillary Clinton mope tour, which should have reached a high water mark, has gone global. It entails drumming up her credentials (immaculate, we are told, but unnoticed), and pouring upon the man who beat her to the White house (a danger to the world). The latter is the fundamental point: Donald Trump would not have won, not because of Clinton’s flaws but because of what others did. One of those big others remains WikiLeaks. The other, supposedly, is its Russian ally — no, employer, sponsor, even, there one say it peering into that dark mind of hers, director-in-chief. Forget Assange, claims Clinton — the Kremlin is running the operation. … No evidence is offered. For Clinton, nothing needs to be tested, her defeat obviously the result, not of an appalling election team (remember that slave to the algorithm, Robby Mook?) and her own woes as a candidate, but to the role played by information marshalled against her.” (10/19/17)


The decertification of Iran speech: Refuting Trump

Source: Antiwar.com
by Ted Snider

“Iran’s hardliners were right. They recited a long history of agreements in which Iranian compliance was repaid with American betrayal. Like a Persian chorus of Cassandras, they called their warnings into the wind, and the world called them crazy. Well, the mad mullahs were right. Despite the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) declaring each time it has reported — most recently in August 2017 — that Iran is in total compliance with its agreements in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Donald Trump has now carried through on his threat to decertify Iran. And the United Nations body is not alone. Trump’s own military and intelligence community has clearly told him the same thing.” (10/18/17)


Trump calls Comey’s treatment of Clinton email probe “obviously a fix,” calls for Justice Department to investigate

Source: Business Insider

“President Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning saying the 2016 probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for her work as Secretary of State was ‘obviously a fix.’ … In a second post, Trump claimed that many people were not interviewed before Comey’s draft. He said the investigation was ‘obviously a fix’ and called on the Justice Department to investigate. On Monday, the FBI released a heavily redacted version of the letter Comey drafted before interviewing Clinton and other key witnesses in the 2016 probe, confirming earlier reports.” (10/18/17)


Does Trump’s immigration agenda harm democracy?

Source: EconLog
by Bryan Caplan

“In the real world, politicians rarely calmly assess evidence before offering solutions. If you know a politicians’ ideology, you can generally predict what he’s going to say about even the most complex issues. And immigration is an especially emotional issue. Even so, Trump’s statements about immigration are unusually intellectually lazy and irrational. Consider some of his main public reflections on the topic. a. He’s claimed there are 30-34 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. — roughly triple the number virtually any quant accepts. … b. ‘The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States.’ Evidence for this strange conspiracy theory? None. … Trump’s low-quality thinking might be forgivable if his conclusion about immigration were, by coincidence, roughly accurate. But they’re not.” (10/16/17)


Trump declines to express confidence in drug czar nominee in wake of Post/”60 Minutes” probe

Source: Washington Post

“President Trump said Monday he will declare a national emergency next week to address the opioid epidemic and declined to express confidence in Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.), his nominee for drug czar, in the wake of revelations that the lawmaker helped steer legislation making it harder to act against giant drug companies. Trump’s remarks came amid widespread reaction across the political spectrum to a Washington Post/’60 Minutes’ investigation that Marino helped guide legislation that sailed through Congress last year with virtually no opposition. Trump said ‘we’re going to be looking into’ the investigation, while many Democrats and at least one Republican called for either modification or outright repeal of the law. Democrats also called on Trump to drop Marino as his pick to lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy.” [editor’s note: Leave the position vacant and furlough all employees! – TLK] (10/16/17)


Trump given a subpoena for all documents relating to assault allegations

Source: BuzzFeed

“A woman who said Donald Trump groped her has subpoenaed his campaign for documents about ‘any woman alleging that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately.’ Trump has denied her accusations and is fighting the subpoena. … The previously unreported subpoena was issued in March but entered into the court file last month. The White House did not respond to a request for comment, nor did Trump’s attorney. … Summer Zervos, a former contestant on the Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice, accused Trump of kissing and grabbing her when she went to his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007 to discuss a possible job at the Trump Organization. After Zervos made the accusation last October, just weeks before the election, Trump denied her accusation and called it a lie. She responded by suing him for defamation.” (10/15/17)