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How will expanded use of 529 accounts affect Missouri’s budget?

Source: Show-Me Institute
by Joseph Haslag & Susan Pendergrass

“The federal tax reform bill is likely to have many consequences, intended and unintended. One intended consequence is that it expands the use of funds in 529 education savings accounts beyond college expenses to K-12 expenses. If parents open these accounts for their children and add money to them, they can withdraw those funds when needed for education expenses without paying taxes on what the savings have earned. In addition, in states that allow it, deposits to these accounts can be deducted from income on state forms, thereby lowering the tax bills of savers.” (01/19/18)


The unhidden front door to state overreach: School vouchers

Source: Free Keene
by Melanie Johnson

“[SB 913] is being lauded in my community as a ‘school choice bill.’ But as of today in New Hampshire parents already have all those choices — private school is legal, and homeschool is both legal and unregulated. What this bill does is subsidize those choices. I have yet to get a response as to how subsidizing private and homeschool is anymore ‘school choice’ than food stamps is ‘food choice,’ Section 8 is ‘housing choice,’ and grants and other subsidization to oil companies is ‘drilling choice.’ When you invite the State, or anyone else for that matter, to fund your choices you invite control into your life. And if you are reading this from land occupied by the US then you have already seen what subsidization has done to the college system.” (01/18/18)


How the civil rights movement brought us free speech on campus

Souce: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

“As our nation takes the day to celebrate the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for those of us at FIRE it’s worth pausing once again to consider the contributions of the movement King came to represent to the conception of First Amendment and due process rights FIRE continues to defend today. The reality is that FIRE would not and could not exist if not for two movements. First is the Enlightenment, which brought us (among many other things) the United States, the Bill of Rights, and the idea — enshrined in our founding documents, if not in practice — that ‘all men are created equal.’ Second is the African-American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, which set the modern template for successful and peaceful activism.” (01/15/18)


Tenth Circuit finds administrator not liable for expelling student over tweets

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
by Zach Greenberg

“In a recent decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit held that expelling a student for his off-campus tweets did not violate clearly established law under the First Amendment. The court’s flawed analysis unduly shields colleges from the consequences of violating students’ speech rights. … The Tenth Circuit’s distorted analysis allows administrators to violate students’ free speech rights with impunity. Instead of properly denying qualified immunity to ‘the plainly incompetent or those who knowingly violate the law,’ the court paves the way for more college administrators to escape liability for flagrant First Amendment transgressions.” (01/09/18)


Truancy laws are a perversion of the parent-government relationship

Teresa Mull

Source: Heartland Institute
by Teresa Mull

“Truancy laws exist in every state in our nation and require children between the ages of five and eight to attend school until they’re in high school (age requirements differ by state). Government knew when it first started passing these requirements it couldn’t force its citizens to do something without providing the service free of charge, so it created government schools and forced everyone to attend them. The only ones allowed to escape are those with the means to buy their children’s freedom by sending them to a private school. If you’re able to homeschool, you still must get permission from government to withdraw your child and do the job yourself, which is the opposite of how the relationship is supposed to work.” (01/09/18)


Dealing with the 21st century police state

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) recently sent an email, describing a really bad situation they are trying to help. Here is an edited version of what they published. (With comments by Mama Liberty and me.) … I am writing this, not to encourage or solicit donations for HSLDA, but to share what seems to be happening literally every day somewhere in the Fifty States. More people need to be aware of what is happening, and what can be done to both prevent it and respond to it.” (12/23/17)


There’s a due process problem with homeschool regulations

Kerry McDonald

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Kerry McDonald

“Homeschooling opponents will often cite rare examples of abuse or neglect of parents who claimed to be homeschooling, and who were often already known to social services agencies, as a rationale for restricting homeschoolers’ freedoms. The vast majority of homeschooling parents are overly attentive to their children’s education and well-being, which may be a primary reason they chose to homeschool in the first place. Sending their kids to school would be the easy path. The biggest problem with the often-cavalier way citizens and lawmakers suggest regulating homeschoolers — who receive no public money but still pay local property taxes to fund schools — is that it is an invasion of privacy and a violation of due process. It assumes parents must be monitored for the good of others, and that they are guilty unless proven otherwise.” (12/18/17)


It’s time to rethink education, part 3

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg
by Michael Krieger

“Over the next ten years, I suspect the concept of a college education will be questioned to such an extent, and by so many people, that all assumptions we currently hold dear will be discarded. The spark for this momentous shift will start, as is so often the case, with simple economics. Too many young people have taken on too much debt to get jobs that didn’t require this education they were told they needed. We quite literally have an entire generation that understands this intimately, and this understanding will shape the way they see college, and education in general, as they raise kids of their own.” (12/15/17)


It’s time to rethink education, part 2

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg
by Michael Krieger

“While some of you will be familiar with the educational concept of unschooling, it’ll probably be new to most of you. Personally, I never looked into the concept until I became a parent a couple of years ago, and it was my wife who first became fascinated with the idea and bought a bunch of books on the topic. I’m really glad she did.” (12/14/17)


Five reasons to consider homeschooling your child

Source: Everything Voluntary
by Christina Battons

“According to the National Household Education Survey, parents are just not comfortable with the negative learning environment in public schools. They are concerned about child bullying. Of course, it’s not something that is recorded in their student’s report cards, and it mostly goes unnoticed. Teachers and bullying victims will not report cases like the stealing of food or money, physical harm or continuous use of abusive language. So, as a parent, once you know that your child has been beaten up, what should you do? Keeping in mind the physical and psychological torment that it brings. In the end, homeschooling becomes your best option.” (12/12/17)