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Superstitions regarding school

Source: Everything Voluntary
by Skyler J Collins

“My family has been on our unschooling journey for going on six years now. Within that time I have had the opportunity to meet countless other unschooling parents, families and people raised with unschooling, both online and in person. (See my interview of two unschooled adult brothers.) In every case I have learned more about how unschooling works and the effects of being raised in such an unconventional way. What I have learned has revealed to me bit by bit the superstitious nature that is the belief in the necessity of school and other forms of compulsory education. With links to some very good resources (all from the great Sandra Dodd), here is a list of superstitions associated with school …” (09/25/17)


Compulsory schooling is incompatible with freedom

Kerry McDonald

Source: Everything Voluntary
by Kerry McDonald

“If we care about freedom, we should reject compulsory schooling. A relic of 19th-century industrial America, compulsory schooling statutes reduced the broad and noble goal of an educated citizenry into a one-size-fits-all system of state-controlled mass schooling that persists today.” (09/17/17)


Treating teachers as normal employees benefits children

Teresa Mull

Source: Heartland Institute
by Teresa Mull

“The District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) has been treating its teachers as though they are normal, private-sector employees, and it’s paying off for students. ‘Since 2012, we have been studying IMPACT, a seminal effort by the [DCPS] to link teacher retention and pay to their performance,’ Education Next reported recently. … Teachers have a tough job; there’s no question about that. Molding the minds of young people is no easy task, and many teachers work long hours for mediocre pay. But there’s a myth in this country, perpetrated primarily by teachers unions, that public school teachers are a protected class that is never deserving of rebuke. However, the truth of the matter is public education, and government in general, tends to attract the worst types of employees: those who want a cushy job with lots of perks that is nearly impossible to lose.” (09/05/17)


Study: Letting kids sleep in could save US $9 billion per year

Source: WSOC 9 News

“Starting school no earlier than 8:30 a.m. could not only save the U.S. $9 billion every year, it might also lead to improved educational achievement and fewer traffic accidents among tired teenagers. Those are a couple of conclusions from an extensive Rand Corporation study on delaying school start times. The research suggests that a later school start time could result in economic increases in a relatively short period of time after the change with an $83 billion fiscal impact after a decade.” (09/04/17)


Student privacy tips for teachers

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation
by Gennie Gebhart & Amul Kalia

“The new school year starts next week for most schools across the country. As part of the first line of defense in protecting student privacy, teachers need to be ready to spot the implications of new technology and advocate for their students’ privacy rights. Our student privacy report offers recommendations for several stakeholder groups. In this post, we’ll focus specifically on teachers.” (08/30/17)


Can self-directed education exist in public schools?

Kerry McDonald

Source: Everything Voluntary
by Kerry McDonald

“Last week on this blog’s Facebook page I asked: ‘Do you think Self-Directed Education (SDE) can be integrated into the current public schooling model?’ Responses ranged from ‘no way’ to ‘anything is possible,’ with commenters pointing out the key factors that would need to exist to make it work: increasing parental empowerment and mobilization; loosening compulsory schooling regulations; trusting children more and weakening the authoritarian structure of modern schooling; investing in smaller schools and classrooms. I particularly like The Open School’s reply: ‘Why would you want to? That would be like trying to convert your car into a lawn mower. You’d stick a blade on the bottom of it? Reduce the engine size? You would still have a hard time making tight turns and probably either get stuck or go too fast and crash. It would be cheaper, faster, and more reliable to sell the car and buy a lawn mower. We already have working SDE schools. But most people don’t want SDE.'” (08/24/17)


The rights of parents in educating their children

Source: Acton Institute
by Gregor Puppinck

“Education and religion are closely connected, as the Church has been the teacher of Europe. Hundreds of thousands of members of the clergy have dedicated their lives to teaching and instruction. In Europe, knowledge was preserved and cultivated within monasteries during the Middle Ages, and the classic heritage was transmitted thanks to the religious tradition in the Renaissance period. The great minds of modernity — Erasmus, Descartes, Pascal, Spinoza or Kant — are the heirs of the religious faith, culture, and tradition. The secularisation of teaching is a recent and incomplete phenomenon. It is only with the emergence of the atheistic and rationalist school of thought that education and religion were presented as incompatible. The pretension that rationalism could explain everything negated the epistemological legitimacy of religions.” (08/22/17)


TX: Idiot educrats think it’s their business how long four-year-old’s hair is

Source: WSMV 4 News

“A Texas mother is upset after her 4-year-old son was sent home from school because of his long hair. ‘He’s never had a haircut. It’s just kind of a part of his identity,’ said Jessica Oates, the child’s mother. Oates said she learned of the school’s hair policy at registration and was told she would need to provide a letter citing a religious or cultural exception for her son to wear his long locks. Before she wrote one, she said school officials told her not to come back until her son’s hair met dress code guidelines. … The Barbers Hill School District said, in a statement, that it will continue enforcing the policy [until they get their idiot pants sued off].” (08/22/17)


Parental choice smear campaign falls flat

Source: Independent Institute
by Vicki Alger

“Opponents of parental choice in education have been in overdrive portraying private school scholarships (and by association, those who support or use them) as racist to diminish their popularity. Results from a new national poll suggest opponents’ strategy isn’t working. According to the 11th annual Education Next poll public support for a variety of private school choice options has increased, and it is especially strong among Black and Hispanic Americans.” (08/21/17)


The school choice deplorables

Source: Independent Institute
by Vicki Alger

“Are you now, or have you ever been, a supporter of the right of parents to choose their children’s schools? Then you’re a school choice deplorable. At least, that’s what some school choice opponents want us to believe. It’s no secret that President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are long-time school choice supporters. Opponents are fighting back by portraying private school vouchers, and by association those who use or support them, as racist.” (08/14/17)