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The Democrats' conspiracy theory

Source: OpEdNews
by Joe Giambrone

"The Democrats have become feral. Irrationally lashing out in every direction, the CIA's conspiracy theory has had the effect that many of those anti-conspiracy theory psycho-babble articles had warned us about! #irony But psychology remains at the core of it all, and it is the psychology of blaming others to avoid taking personal responsibility for negative outcomes. Taking cues from Hillary Clinton herself, there must be Russians hiding under the bed. Of course that's the reason people supported Trump and not glorious Hillary. The alternative is too horrible for them to entertain. What is obscured is the contorted logic that Russia allegedly defeated Clinton by revealing The Truth about her own corruption and lies, her private position versus public position. Impossible to make the case that the Russians are lying, the Democratic Party apologists' only response has been to change the focus of the outrage toward killing the messenger." (01/10/17)


Assange: ODNI hacking report a "press release"

Source: Time

"Wikileaks founder Julian Assange dismissed the U.S. intelligence community's report on Russia's hacking in the 2016 presidential election as a 'press release' on Monday, calling it politically motivated and damaging to the intelligence community's reputation. 'It is not an intelligence report,' Assange said during a news conference. 'This is a press release. It was clearly put out for political purposes.'" (01/09/17)


Russian to judgment

Source: Authority!
by Timothy J Taylor

"This ongoing Russian/U.S. election hacking 'scandal' is the biggest international political uproar over nothing I've ever seen. We're supposed to be shocked — shocked — that the Russians might have been engaged in activities that the United States and every other nation in the history of the planet has been doing routinely for thousands of years The hypocrisy with this amusing situation is palpable. After all, when it comes to spying, hacking and meddling in the affairs of other people and countries, surely the United States is second to none. No nation does it better than us." (01/09/17)


Is that all?

Source: LewRockwell.com
by Daniel McAdams

The Intelligence Community Assessment does not offer any evidence of Russian hacking of the DNC and thus provides nothing new to back its claims. Rather than explain the means used by the Russians to 'hack' the US elections, the Assessment instead devotes most of the report to speculating about possible Russian motives for so doing. … a full third of its length is dedicated to quite an unsophisticated criticism of the Russian television station RT. What's the $80-plus billion dollar per year US Intelligence Community's big beef with RT? One of its big complaints is that RT undermined US democracy when it 'broadcast, hosted, and advertised third-party candidate debates …' We are to believe that Russia undermined our political system by giving voice to official yet minor US political parties? Democracy is undermined when the democratic process is highlighted?" (01/09/17)


All Russian puppets?

Source: CounterPunch
by Serge Halimi

"On 9 February 1950, at the height of the cold war, a little known Republican senator declared: 'I have here in my hand a list of 205 people that were known to the secretary of state as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping the policy of the state department.' With that, McCarthy stepped into US history through the door marked infamy. No such list existed, but the ensuing wave of anti-communist hysteria and purges shattered the lives of thousands of Americans. In 2017 it is plainly the loyalty of the next US president to his country that is at issue. With his cabinet of generals and billionaires, reasons to fear him are legion. But the Democratic Party and many in the western media seem obsessed with the bizarre idea that Donald Trump will be 'a puppet for the Kremlin,' and that he owes his election to data hacking orchestrated by the Russians." (01/09/17)


US: Congress certifies Electoral College results

Source: CNN

"Donald Trump was formally certified as the winner of the presidential election Friday, after handful of congressman tried to object during the tally of Electoral College votes, a desperate gambit quickly squashed by Vice President Joe Biden. Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly told objecting congressman that their attempt to disrupt the usually staid moment that their objections were invalid because they did not have the signature of a United States senator. Biden, at times exasperated by the scene, at one point cautioned his fellow Democrats: 'It is over.'" (01/06/17)


Did the Libertarian Party blow it in 2016?

Source: Reason
by Brian Doherty and Matt Welch

"Objectively speaking, 2016 was the Libertarian Party's best year ever. It was also a savage disappointment. On the positive side, the presidential ticket of two former Republican governors, Gary Johnson of New Mexico and William Weld of Massachusetts, received more than 4.46 million votes, amounting (as of press time) to 3.28 percent of the national haul, smashing the party's previous highs of 1.28 million and 1.06 percent, respectively. … Still, measured against expectations — let alone the basic standard that successful political parties must win elections — the Libertarian Party had its most disappointing year ever." (for publication 02/17)


Algorithm and blues: Why Hillary's Moneyball strategy failed

Source: CounterPunch
by Jeffrey St. Clair

"The Clinton brain trust made a fatal decision three years ago to run a campaign based on identity politics powered by deep demographic analytics and an almost unlimited reservoir of money from Wall Street and Silicon Valley elites. How could they lose. This wasn't a case of the data being corrupt, but of the campaign programmers, from Bill Clinton to John Podesta, being biased. Illusions in, delusions out. What Mook and company still can't fathom is that almost every national election is ultimately about economics or, more properly, how people feel about their economic security. Here the writing was on the wall and only politicians, like the Clintons, who stubbornly live in their own virtual reality could have missed it." (01/06/17)


The other way the debate about Russian hacking is like the debate about WMDs

Source: Reason
by Jesse Walker

"During the run-up to the Iraq war, I doubted those claims that Saddam Hussein had a secret stash of WMDs. But I also thought those weapons were beside the point. The more important question was whether Hussein was a threat to Americans, with or without weapons of mass destruction in his arsenal. Whatever ambitions he had were confined to his corner of the globe, so he didn't really have any reason to target us — except for Washington's sanctions and sabre-rattling. The focus on WMDs distracted from the deeper case against the war. … Just as it was conceivable to me then that Saddam was lying about WMDs, I think it entirely possible now that Russian agents hacked the Democratic National Committee. That may not have been proven, but it's plausible …. Yet vast swaths of the center-left wing of the establishment seem to think this would mean Russia 'installed' Donald Trump as president." (01/03/17)


Haiti: Tribunal certifies presidential victory of first-time candidate

Source: Bradenton Herald

"An electoral tribunal in Haiti has rejected claims that massive voter fraud marred the November presidential election victory of first-time candidate Jovenel Moise, officials said Tuesday. The judges found some irregularities but not enough to affect the outcome based on an analysis of 12 percent of the ballots, the Provisional Electoral Council said in a statement that cleared the way for Moise to be officially declared the winner of the race." (01/03/17)